How Revolut payment links help grow businesses like Factory Cabins

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 05/17/2021  · 05/17/2021

Factory Cabins is Revolut Business’ Merchant with the highest volume in Payment Link requests in the last two months. We interviewed Kevin, the owner of Factory Cabins, and asked him about how our payment links have helped to boost his business.

What is Factory Cabins Ltd?

“Our company was the first to introduce Log Cabins into the UK market. We designed the Twin Skin Fully Insulated System, which means we created the first insulated Garden Office, The Clock House Log Cabin and Twin Skin Locking System. We coined the term ‘garden office’, were the first to offer 28mm flooring, tilt and turn windows and more, because we believed sheds were overpriced and sadly not up to a standard.

Whether you’re looking for extra living space or need more storage, our Factory Cabins have a huge selection of high quality outbuildings to suit every need.”

Challenges along the way with taking payments

“We previously encountered lots of delays and problems with traditional financial institutions. First of all, we never accepted any card payments as we always encountered difficult processes to onboard as a merchant with other payment service providers. We had only ever accepted bank transfers from our clients. However, recently some of our customers were pushing us to accept credit card payments. Among the other problems that we experienced, we found it difficult to track our money and to have a one-stop-shop solution to manage our expenses and payments. We also have clients who use multiple currencies, are based abroad, or travel a lot, and while high street banks do offer multiple currency accounts, these do not come cheap. They have high banking charges and terrible exchange rates when you transfer money between accounts or spend money in other currencies.”

How Revolut Business helped us take more payments easily

“At the beginning we were a bit skeptical about a financial institution that has no physical branches, but we found the sign-up process with Revolut much simpler than expected.

With Revolut Business we can now request payments with the payment link within a few clicks. We just need to create a link and share it via email or whatsapp with our clients. We are not computer wizards, but we immediately found Revolut’s Payment Link an easy to use service. In a few seconds we can request even large payments to our customers. Most of our customers pay us immediately within one day, so it’s really speeded up the process for requesting payments from our clients.

We have also been able to increase our free allowance for card payment acceptance by simply subscribing to a monthly plan.

Whenever a client is paying with a different currency other than GBP, we can easily move that amount into our main GBP wallet using Revolut’s FX offerings. All these features make the process from sharing the payment link to the actual money settlement super easy and fast.

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