How Revolut uses your data to build our credit products in the UK

Emma Potter

 · 03/12/2021  · 03/12/2021

At Revolut, we’re hard at work building credit products you’ll love. In the UK, we’re working on launching personal loan and credit card products that you’ll be able to apply for easily in-app.

We work closely with credit reference agencies like Equifax to help us bring the best products possible to you. Credit reference agencies play an important role in the credit market. They store information about your credit products and repayment history to create credit scores. This is the information we use to assess your credit application and work out whether a credit product is suitable for you, as well as how much we can lend to you.

For information about how Revolut uses and protects your data, check out our Customer Privacy Policy.

Looking for more information about how your data is stored or processed by credit reference agencies? You can visit for further information.