How to send and request money like a pro 💯

Emma Potter

 · 09/10/2021  · 09/10/2021

At Revolut, we’re all about making life a breeze. That means no more awkward payment requests and no arguments over who owes what. With our financial super app, bill splitting, borrowing cash and shared expenses are easy. Tired of listening to your mate’s lame excuses for not paying up? Or maybe you’ve put off payments when your bank card wasn’t to hand. Now, you can pay and get paid instantly, without the hassle.

Settle payments the way you want 👌

Days out and drinks with friends don’t have to end with awkward conversations. Revolut makes it easy to split tabs and find your friends when it’s your turn to pay. Plus, you can create personal payment links, flash QR codes and send reminders, so there’s no room for excuses. Whether it’s a round of drinks or a shared expense, pay and get paid without the hassle. You can even set up payment schedules so no one forgets.

How to split bills:

💸 In the app, tap the double arrow icons at the bottom of the screen
💸 Tap the transaction you want to split
💸 Tap ‘Split bill’
💸 Choose the lucky folk who need to pay you back
💸 Tap 'Split bills' and that’s it!

Transfer instantly to anyone ➡️

Not only is it easy to split and settle bills, we've made transferring money effortless. Owe your sibling for a joint birthday present? Or maybe it’s just time to pay your half of the rent. With just a tap, you can transfer money instantly. And did we mention, global transfers are free when you use Apple or Google Pay? Send money in 30+ currencies at the interbank exchange rate with no added fees. Transfers between Revolut accounts are always free, no matter the location.

(Apple and Google Pay transfers aren’t available in the US. US customers have a fee-free allowance on transfers)

How to send a payment:

💸 In the app, tap the double arrow icons at the bottom of the screen
💸 Choose from your Revolut friends, bank accounts, or tap Send > +New
💸 Input the amount you want to send
💸 Add a GIF and a note
💸 Tap Send, then you’re all done!

Or, make it super simple and scan your friend's Revolut QR code in the app. Just tap the QR code icon at the top right of the Payments screen.

Revolut is better with friends 👯‍♀️

Bring your friends to Revolut to make transfers and payments easier than ever. Sending and receiving money between Revolut accounts is always free, no matter the location or currency. Add your friends to your in-app contacts list to make it easy to find them, and keep track of who owes who seamlessly.

How to request a payment:

💵 In the app, tap the double arrow icons at the bottom of the screen
💵 Tap ←Request
💵 Choose the person who needs to pay up
💵 Tap the QR code icon at the top right
💵 Tap ‘My code’ to flash your it to your friends and get paid

Don't forget to claim your @Revtag! 💙

Your @Revtag is unique to you, so you can send it to all your friends to get them to cough up the cash, and payment links make it a breeze to request specific payment amounts.

Here's how to choose your @Revtag and find your link:

✨ In the app, tap the double arrow icons at the bottom of the screen
✨ Tap your user ID - it'll look something like @Johnsmith
✨ Click the little pen icon next to your name to customise

You'll find your unique link on the same screen, ready to share!