Introducing eleven new currencies to the Revolut app!

Rob Braileanu

 · 06/30/2017  · 06/30/2017

Revolut users can now hold, exchange and send free instant money transfers in 11 new currencies! 🎉


Last month, we added Polish Zloty and Swiss Franc as primary wallet currencies and explained more about our plan to build a brand new global payments network that eliminates foreign exchange fees forever.

Now, almost 700,000 Revolut users can hold and manage 16 currencies in the Revolut app, send free money transfers in 26 currencies, and spend fee-free in 120 currencies - always at the interbank exchange rate. It’s amazing to see how much our network has grown in just 2 years.

Our end-goal is for anyone, in any country, to be able to open a Revolut account in 60 seconds and instantly hold and exchange their funds in any currency; send free money transfers to anyone around the globe in seconds; and spend anywhere in the world without any fees. Imagine! 🌎

What are the new currencies?

You can now hold, exchange and send or receive instant transfers in:

Australian Dollar, Danish Krone, Romanian Leu, Swedish Krona, Hong Kong Dollar, Israeli New Sheqel, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Turkish Lira and South African Rand.


This is in addition to our existing currencies - the British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc and Polish Zloty.

Exchange currencies at interbank rates

You can now exchange 16 currencies in the Revolut app at the real interbank exchange rate. If you’re travelling to a country that uses one of these currencies, you can exchange your funds at anytime and lock in a great exchange rate!


Top-up by card

You can also top up your Revolut account by card in 9 currencies. These currencies are the British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc and all of the Scandinavian Kroner.


Top-up by bank transfer

You can also load all of our 16 wallet currencies by bank transfer. Head to the ‘Top Up’ tab, select ‘By transfer’ and select a currency to find the account details you will need to make a transfer too.


Some currencies can currently only be loaded to your Revolut account by bank transfer. These are Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Israeli New Sheqel, New Zealand Dollars, South African Rand and the Turkish Lira.

Free, instant global money transfers

All Revolut users can also send free, instant money transfers around the globe in 16 currencies - always at the real exchange rate.


Simply tap the pink button on the menu bar in the app, choose ‘Send money’ and find a contact that’s also ‘On Revolut’. Select your currency, enter the amount and boom - the money hits their Revolut account instantly!

You can also send money to contacts who aren’t on Revolut. They’ll receive a payment link which lets them add their account details and the money will be in their bank in up to 5 working days. Or, they can join Revolut and the money will be in their account instantly.

Oh, one last thing - did you know can also request money from your contacts too? This is perfect for those painful IOU moments.

Update to Revolut 4.5

Update your app to Revolut 4.5 via the Google Play and iOS store now to take advantage of our new currencies!