Introducing free personal Euro IBAN accounts!

Rob Braileanu

 · 07/17/2017  · 07/17/2017

Get instant access to a Revolut EUR IBAN account in less than 3 minutes. Do your everyday spending, pay bills, send money, have your salary paid in and more. It’s just like a bank account - but better!


Open a current account in seconds, not weeks.

We’ve streamlined the process of opening a personal EUR IBAN account and eliminated wait times. We don’t do paperwork, or unnecessary credit checks and you don’t have to prove your address to us. Unlike traditional banks, you can open an account in minutes - wherever you live in Europe.

Receive bank transfers - and your salary

Whether you want to have your salary paid directly into your Revolut account or a friend owes you money - Revolut allows you to get paid back in multiple currencies, all you need to do is give them your unique Euro IBAN or GBP current account details.


Send free international and local money transfers

Set up a bank transfer in just a few clicks and send fast, free money transfers locally and around the globe. in 24 currencies. We use the real exchange rate, saving you up to 8% on each international transfer.

Direct debits and recurring payments

From your monthly Spotify subscription to your utility bills or mortgage - you can easily set up direct debits in Euros, or make recurring payments in 24 currencies, in just a few clicks. Manage everything in-app, make changes and stay on-top of your finances. You’re always in control.