Introducing Revolut 3.5

Rob Braileanu

 · 01/06/2017  · 01/06/2017

What better way to beat those back-to-work blues than with a killer Revolut update packed with features. Head over to the App Store to get Revolut 3.5 on your Android or iOS app now. Hold onto your winter hats, it’s a big one..! 👲🏻

Set Card spending limits:

You can now set a monthly spending limit for your RevolutCard(s) to help you manage your budget better. New year, new you and all that..


You can set a unique spending limit for each card connected to your account and keep an eye on how much you’re spending in the app.

Plus if you give your spare card to a relative, you can set them a monthly spending limit as pocket money. Just give them a card, set a limit and that’s it - you’ve set up an automatic monthly allowance.

Setting a hard limit on the amount that can be spent on your card would help protect your money in the unlikely event of fraud. Head to the ‘Card’ section of the app and tap ‘Limit’ to set this feature up.

Disable contactless payments:

Previously, you have been able to enable/disable Magstripe, ATM or E-commerce transactions in the app. Now you can also disable contactless payments when you’re not using them for that extra peace of mind.

Almost all card providers currently have an ‘All or Nothing’ policy when it comes to contactless payments… just sayin’ 😶.


Spending statistics:

Revolut users have been using our app to gain better insights into their spending, using our analytics feature to find out how much they’re spending on what, and where.

We have now added a quick view option so you can check out your spending statistics straight from your transactions. You can see a breakdown of how much you’ve spent at each merchant by month.


Reorganise your spending:

For the past month, we’ve been automatically categorising your purchases to show you a breakdown of your monthly spending. However for the rare occasion where we might mis-categorise a purchase, you can now tap on a category to amend it.


We hope you love Revolut 3.5. We’ve got some more awesome features coming out in the next couple of weeks to make getting paid back even easier. Bring on 2017! 💪 🎉