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Introducing spare Revolut cards!

Ever had that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve lost your bank card? Or worse, your Revolut card?! Our latest App update’s got you covered.


Get a Spare RevolutCard!

Revolut users can now have multiple Revolut cards linked to one account, meaning a backup ready for emergencies.

You can have up to two physical Revolut cards per account. They can be used in unison, or you can disable the extra Revolut card in the App and tap ‘Enable Card’ as and when you need it.

..or give one to a relative!

Alternatively, you could give your spare Revolut card to a relative; you would effectively have a joint account. You could top-up an equal amount into the account and it the cards to split the cost of your living or holiday expenses.

If you gave your spare card to a relative, you could also set them a monthly spending limit as pocket money. Just give them a card, set a limit and that’s it - you’ve set up an automatic monthly allowance.

Note: Please remember, the name on your spare card will be in the name of the account holder.

Online payments

If you’ve ever lost your bank card, you’ll know how annoying it is to sift through your accounts for online purchases and update your card details.

Now, you can generate an impossible-to-lose Revolut's virtual card and use it for all of your online payments (Uber, Deliveroo etc.). You’ll never have this problem again!

Update to the latest version of our iOS and Android App to use this feature. To order a spare Revolut card, go to the ‘Card’ section of the App and swipe left on your virtual Revolut card.

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