It’s cool outside, it’s cooler in-app ❄️

Daniela Carvalho

 · 11/30/2022  · 11/30/2022

How can you tell winter’s coming? Your hands keep getting colder by the minute and it’s dark outside – at 3pm. But we’re about to show you some crisp new features that’ll make you love winter. It’s cold outside, but it’s cooler in-app. Check them out:

Make any card a crypto card 💳

What if you could pay with crypto for everyday purchases using any existing or new physical or virtual card? You can. Choose your crypto balance and start spending. And for a limited time*, get 1% crypto cashback!

*Not regulated or protected. Value can go down. Tax may be payable on gains. Exchange fees apply. According to T&Cs. Available to the UK and Switzerland only

Revolut <18: invite eligible friends, get £5 each 💰

We know you don't kiss and tell. How about Revolut and tell? Eligible Revolut <18 customers can now invite their friends to join them. Friends need to use their referral code and complete the required steps shown in-app, and they'll both get £5*. T&Cs apply

*(or equivalent). Referrals feature only available to teens above the age of data consent. Please check for product availability in-app. Available globally, except for Japan

Finances sorted in a few taps 💸

Check your transaction history and upcoming payments separately, so you won’t miss a thing. Plus, you can now customise your homepage with your most-used widgets

Revolut Pay, checkout made simple 🛒

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but Revolut Pay is a self-fulfilling prophecy – a fast, single-click checkout experience. And new Revolut customers will get a cashback treat when they use Revolut Pay!

New Revolut customers will receive cashback when they checkout with Revolut Pay and sign up for a Revolut account. Cashback is only earned once on your first purchase and is available for the first 30 days after. Available to the UK and EEA

Make money chats less awkward ✨

‘Ask someone to send you money, without asking someone to send you money’. That’s what our feature does for you. No more awkward money talks, cold sweats, just send them a request and it’s done. You’re welcome!

Available to the UK and EEA

Earn 5% cashback with Credit Cards 🤑

Revolut Credit Cards are the perfect solution if you want to stick to your monthly budget, while getting a bit more flexibility. Earn 5% cashback (up to 2,000 zł) on all purchases, for 3 months

Valid for 3 months from when you sign up, for new credit card users until 7 January 2023. Offer is effective immediately for current credit card users. Then, the cashback is set at 0.1%. Available to Poland only

Pay Later, with no fees 😎

A little birdie told us you were looking for less fees, for a longer period of time. We’ve got you. On your first 45 days (you read that right) when you choose to Pay Later, you won’t get charged any fees

Valid until 25 December 2022. Then, a small 2.99%* fee per purchase is included in your repayments. Available to Poland only

*Representative example

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 42.31% p.a. with assumption: total loan amount of 1000 zł, total amount to be repaid 1044,85 zł, nominal interest of 0% p.a., total cost of credit amounting to 44,85 zł (including transactional fee 2.99%); assuming that the Pay Later credit limit is fully a non-cash transaction and is repaid in 2 equal monthly instalments of 522,43 zł, the first instalment is due 30 days after funds withdrawal, as of 2022-11-25

Note: The above is an example. Your Pay Later Limit may be higher than the example used. You may enter multiple Purchase Plans within your overall Pay Later Limit. We used some assumptions to calculate APR. These will be set out in the SECCI and your Credit Agreement