Introducing Jamii - a marketplace for Black-owned businesses

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 · 06/12/2020  · 06/12/2020

Khalia Ismain, Founder, Jamii

What is Jamii?

Jamii is a marketplace and discount card for black-owned businesses in the UK. Set up in August 2016 in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re on a mission to facilitate the growth and success of Black British brands.

We have two guiding principles:

  1. How can we make shopping at community-owned businesses as simple and instinctive as any other mainstream alternative?
  2. How can we leverage the power of our business community to lower barriers, make knowledge more accessible and amplify the reach of each other?

We want to get people to become more conscious when shopping, reframing the buyer’s perspective from ‘pounds spent’ to ‘spending power’. For us, buying black isn’t a radical act - it’s the way we preserve, celebrate and uplift the community, and is common sense for consumers who care about authenticity, representation and the creating a more equitable world.

What’s available on Jamii?

We’re partnered with 150+ Black British brands across industries such as haircare, skincare, clothing, greetings cards and so much more. The Jamii card gives holders access to discounts of up to 40% for an entire year, online and offline. You can buy a Jamii card for yourself, or send one as a gift to a friend.

We also have an online-only subscription for anyone who’s not in London or Birmingham (the two cities where you’re most able to use your card in real life).

Before COVID-19 hit, we were planning a series of in-person marketplaces to bring our community of businesses together and to allow them to connect with their customers in person - although we’ve had to postpone these plans, we’ll definitely be going ahead soon!

How do I sign up?

Sign-up is really simple. To pick up your membership, head to and make your purchase. The card will arrive within 3-5 working days, but your access to the online discounts will be available almost immediately.

We’ve recently re-developed our website to allow purchases to be made directly through our website! This makes shopping easier by automatically applying discounts if you’re a cardholder, centralising all your details and reducing the number of clicks - it also means you can track everything from one place! We have 20 partners on-board so far and we’re rolling it out across the website as quickly as we can.

For anyone not yet on-board, simply head to their website to shop and paste the unique coupon code into their checkout to get your discount.

Want to shop full price? If you’re not a cardholder, you can still make the most of the website to shop from our partners!

Want to partner with Jamii?

Black-owned businesses over 1 year old can apply to join the Jamii network here.

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