Join us and let's take Premium to the next level πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

George Robson

 Β· 12/06/2018  Β· 12/06/2018

Product at Revolut is about making bold decisions and building radically better experiences for our users - and Revolut Premium makes no exception.

Launched in March 2017, our Premium accounts have been designed for people living a global lifestyle. From a stylish line of beautifully designed cards, to free unlimited FX and subscription-based pricing, Revolut Premium takes your financial experience to a whole new level.

When we started out, nobody really believed we'd succeed and the same happened with Premium, when many thought the product wouldn't sell. In fact, I even had a bet with our marketing manager who didn't think we'd sign up 2000 Premium users in the first week - needless to say, she lost that bet.

So, what did we base our bet on? πŸ€”

Access vs ownership. The consumer trend is clear - companies like Netflix and Spotify have demonstrated that people prefer having access to their favourite digital content rather than owning it.

Beautifully designed Premium cards. True, it took us a while, but after 6 long months of sleepless nights, 100+ card samples and a dozen 4-hour train journeys to the card factory - we finally had the first production batch of Premium cards shipped.

Hassle free solution. Added benefits such as free express card delivery, 24/7 support and free unlimited FX did the trick.

Ok, but how did we execute? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Back then, we didn't have an official β€œproduct” team. All we had was a mobile team we recruited internally, our rockstar CTO and a web developer we managed to convince to work late, on top of his day job that involved building our business product - his efforts were rewarded handsomely soon after.

Our strategy was to bake growth hacks directly into the product itself. So, given the success of our recent crowdfunding round, we wanted to reward the first 5,000 Premium customers by giving them early access to our equity funding round - which helped bring a lot more people onto the platform.

Since we didn't have a full stack marketing team either, we created a promo video on a shoestring budget. It really just goes to show how limited resources can actually create great results.

But limited resources and a DIY approach can only go so far, and this is where you come in. We took Revolut Premium from 0 to 1, and now we need you to take it from 1 to 100.

What we're looking for πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

We’re now hiring for an experienced Head of Premium, Product Owner, Business Developer Manager and a bunch of iOS and Android Developers to take our Premium accounts to new heights.

As a Product Owner, you build kick-ass products with a user-first approach. You ideally have 3-5 years experience building successful customer-facing products in start-ups, as a Designer, a Product Owner / Manager or as a Technical Founder.

You have experience with product management or product design, with a key focus on building technology products. You don't just talk the talk - you have a track record of building successful financial or business products and you're keen to show off your achievements.

You put your convictions to one side and rely on data and customer feedback to guide your decisions. You question everything and dig deep to uncover the root cause of a problem. You take the meaning of 'common sense' to a whole new level.

You love solving difficult problems, you're highly logical and highly technical. You have experience working with agile methodologies and know how to navigate your way around a database. You're fluent in SQL, you can write your own queries and you ideally have some experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Why you should join πŸš€

Similar to Spotify Premium or Netflix, this is a unique opportunity to take ownership over a key revenue generator for one of the world's fastest growing Fintechs. We've signed up over 3 million customers in Europe, we're growing by another 10,000 every day and we're processing $3.6 billion in transactions every month.

You will gain a deep understanding of how to build a world-class subscription product and you'll get to launch Revolut Premium globally, in markets such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan.

You'll have the opportunity to pitch ideas for new features that will add even more value to our Premium accounts and you'll work closely with all the different teams from marketing to finance, and see your ideas become reality.

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