June 2022: What's new from Revolut Business

Richard Johnson

 · 06/23/2022  · 06/23/2022

June means warmer, longer days, and of course, new updates to Revolut Business that’ll keep you busy while summer rolls in.

So rather than keep you in the dark, we’re shining a light on all that’s been happening at Revolut Business this month. From easier ways to assign cards to improved bulk payments and lightning-fast QR login for web, there’s lots to explore. Grab your shades, these updates are bright!

Assign your whole team cards in a click

Whether your team’s already using Revolut Business or you’re inviting new joiners, assigning everyone their own card is a simple one-step process. Just type emails one by one, or paste a list of them – and you’re done. While you’re at it, set their permissions and spend controls in the same step.

See all your card settings in one place

One menu for all your card settings – you asked, we delivered. View and edit your card settings, track delivery, and view your recent transactions all in the same intuitive menu.

Go big with bulk payments

Bulk payments are now ten times bigger and better than before! Instead of 100, you can now easily make up to 1,000 transfers in each bulk payment.

Check out Xero’s new look and feel

Our most popular integration gets a serious revamp on the Revolut Business web app: automatic account mapping to avoid pesky time-consuming manual errors, and email notifications when Xero connects to or disconnects from your account. Plus, it boasts an improved, eye-catching interface showing your key info at all times – like your account name, balance and sync progress and more. It’s ready and waiting for you in the web app.

Log in fast with QR codes

The last thing you need is any barriers to logging into your Revolut Business account. After all, it’s the one place to manage all things business! Consider the extra steps gone. Now, just scan a QR code on business.revolut.com from your phone’s camera and you’ll be logged in to the web app in seconds.

Save customer card details on file

We’re not fans of repetitive admin, especially when it comes to invoices. So instead of writing out card details each time customers want to make a payment, you can now let them save their details on file so they can settle invoices automatically. For them, it means payments are never missed – and it’s a completely seamless process. For you, it means you can get paid on time every single month. Win-win.

That’s all for now

While we cool off in the shade, make sure you keep looking out for more hot updates next month.

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