June edition: what's new from Revolut Business

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 06/11/2021  · 06/11/2021

Are you ready to jumpstart June? Because we sure are. The world is opening up a bit more and we hope that – if you can – you’re enjoying a return to business as usual. We’ve got some exciting updates to help you grow and manage all things business from one place. Start the summer right and take them for a spin!

Introducing FX Forwards

Last month, we launched FX Forwards, bringing currency forwards to the masses and democratising their availability, but what are they? Businesses who trade internationally can fix their foreign exchange rates (FX) for a set amount and date in the future to minimise the risk from market movement. Our FX Forwards feature lets businesses of any size get a contract with us. Do it all from our web app with no phone calls needed and always benefit from our excellent exchange rates. Available in the UK to Limited companies on web only, and coming soon to our other markets. Join the waitlist to be notified when it’s available to you.

Professional invoices in just a few clicks

Want smarter invoices? We’ve got you covered. Introducing professional invoices you can easily send from your account. Here's how it works:

  • With more, easy payment options for your customers, from card payments to bank transfers, you can get paid directly into your account, 24/7. So it’s convenient for them and great for you
  • Monitor your invoices from start to finish with real-time tracking and automatic reconciliation, so you can get time back from unnecessary admin work and focus on your business
  • Create and send professional invoices from your account to your customers in minutes. No more switching between platforms; a seamless experience for them and you

Organise your expenses with labels...

In April we covered automatic receipt matching and email forwarding expense receipts. Now, team members can stay in control of their expenses even more, by adding labels like project, department or region, so you can map expenses to your bookkeeping. Plus, the information can be automatically synced to your accounting software, making bookkeeping quick and easy.

..and flag lost receipts to keep track

There are certain expenses where a receipt/invoice is not available and sometimes the receipt is missing/lost (happens to the best of us!). These expenses cannot be approved unless a document is attached. The "no document" button gives users the option to indicate on a specific expense that it doesn't have a document. That way, the expense can still be approved, even without a document. If the document was found later on, the user can re-attach the document to the expense - and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Save time with our improved Clear Books integration

Managing your bills and payroll is now a seamless and secure experience. You can create your draft bills and payroll directly from Clear Books using your Revolut Business account with your details auto-filled - no more shuffling from one to the other! Clear Books UK is offering 50% off for six months when you subscribe as a Revolut Business customer! Offer is only available to new Clear Books subscribers. To qualify for the offer, make sure you read more here.

That’s a wrap! We’ll be back with more new features and updates next month.

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