Last minute tips for the bank holiday weekend ✈️

Rob Braileanu

 · 08/26/2016  · 08/26/2016

Don’t forget to take your RevolutCard if you’re going abroad this weekend; you could get at least €130 extra for your trip.


Tips for using Revolut abroad


We’d recommend topping up your Revolut account before you jet off. We’ve also recently added the option to automatically top-up your account when your balance is running low. Download Revolut 3.0 to try it now!


Always choose to be charged in the local currency when you use your RevolutCard abroad, or you may be charged hidden fees. If you opt to be charged in your home currency, the ATM provider or the merchant’s payment processor could charge you a fee to convert your money. This isn’t always transparent! You can read more about this here.


You can split the hotel or restaurant bill instantly via ‘Send’ in our app if you have your friends mobile number in your phone. Just tap on your friends contact in our app, enter the amount and Rev it! There’s no need to chase up bank details or swap cash.

Make your bank holiday even sweeter!

We’re giving away 300 chocolate truffles to one of our users! Take an awesome picture with your RevolutCard (cover your card details) and Tweet or Facebook us with #Rev300k. The best picture will win, so get creative! We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 31st August.