Learn, earn and stake to get 11.65% APY 💪

Kirsty Daniel

 · 03/09/2023  · 03/09/2023

Let us introduce you to DOT, the native token of the Polkadot blockchain. You can earn some, for free, when you complete our new Learn course and pass the quiz!

Plus, we’ve got more rewards up our sleeves. You can earn tokens, then put your DOT to work with Staking! Don’t know what we’re on about? Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about it in the course. Keep reading to learn all about our newest lessons:

Learn about staking to earn 11.65% in DOT! 🤓

Get an intro to Polkadot and learn about staking DOT with our two courses. We’ll help you connect the DOTs when it comes to crypto (and earn some while you’re at it!)

Earn 11.65% APY when you stake your DOT 📈

Apply your new knowledge and put your DOT tokens to work. All you have to do is hold them - or, buy DOT in-app, to earn more effortlessly!

Narmin Ibadullayeva, Product Owner for Revolut Crypto, said:

“Millions of customers globally have completed a Learn & Earn lesson for the first time since it’s launch in July 2022. Now, our newest course about Staking will help customers discover what “on-chain” staking is, understand how it works, and how to earn staking rewards on their crypto holdings!”

Ready to get started with Staking?

First, make sure your app is up to date. Then, follow these steps to start staking your crypto:
💰 Head to Hub > Crypto
💰 Select one of four supported cryptos
💰 Earned some DOT in the course? Just tap on the Stake button (No DOT yet? You’ll need to buy some first)
💰 When you’re ready, tap Stake
💰 Now you’re staking!

Start learning and earning today and connect the DOTs when it comes to crypto!

Not regulated or protected. Value can go down. Tax may be payable on gains. APY is variable and subject to change