Learning through Community: Data at Revolut

Sonja Polimac

 · 04/17/2020  · 04/17/2020

You might be surprised to hear that the most common reason we leave our jobs is because we want to continue to develop professionally. Data Engineer Lia Tasoudi was one of those people. Itching for a new challenge, her interest was piqued when the chance to join Revolut came up.

For an industry with a reputation of rigid development processes and an inability to get things done quickly, it can be hard to attract dynamic people to the finance sector. But as an enthusiastic Revolut user, Lia had experienced first hand how our product was upending the financial landscape, and she quickly recognised that we had the same approach under the hood.

She joined our FinCrime team in July 2019 from a previous job in marketing data. Moving from one industry to another means adapting. While Revoluters are expected to do that fast, there is also plenty of support to facilitate it. From day one, Lia found that everyone she asked was willing to help whenever she was stuck - and if they didn’t know the answer, they knew who to direct her to. Through this, she was enabled to start contributing new ideas faster, instead of just playing catch up.

“Everyone’s coding knowledge is advanced, so even reviewing code can be valuable to see how someone approaches a problem elegantly and simply.”

We all dream of a job that will not only fulfil us, but also give us a chance to flex our skills and learn new ones. For Lia Tasoudi, that place is Revolut. The fast-paced environment uncovers something different for her every day, in a myriad of ways. Even the most straightforward task can become a learning moment, “Everyone’s coding knowledge is advanced, so even reviewing code can be valuable to see how someone approaches a problem elegantly and simply.”

Lia and her Staffy/Lab, Ralphie in our Canary Wharf offices.

The community principles at Revolut enable this, too. While everyone has their own work and projects to focus on, people aren’t discouraged from jumping in to help someone else if they have a spare moment. Lia is appreciative of this team spirit, “Unlike bigger companies where different departments might be very competitive with one another, we’re all working towards the same win, just from different angles.” Through dedicated Slack channels, team sprints, development meetings, and informal chats, communication is open and plentiful. Community is baked into the way we work, Lia tells us “you’re judged on how you help each other.” Through that collaboration, everyone is able to flourish.

Both within the office and outside of it, there’s plenty of encouragement to continue developing. Lia has watched other Revoluters attend and speak at conferences with the support of their line managers, and hopes to one day share knowledge about her work at Revolut in that setting. She then laughs as she tells us about how her Secret Santa gift last year was a course on Java which she’d expressed interest in earlier that year.

When we ask Lia which of the core values she aligns with most, she has a moment when she can’t choose between Get It Done and Stronger Together, “You can’t get it done if you don’t work together - this community has shown me how amazing it can be to work somewhere that gives you autonomy, trust and respect.”
If you’re interested in pushing past the limits of what you know and discovering yourself and something new, why not check out our Careers page to take a look at some of our open roles?