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Rob Braileanu

 · 07/17/2018  · 07/17/2018

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a billion dollar company? To offer-up the hottest Cryptocurrencies customers ask for, or to expand unrecognisably in just three years?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what life at Revolut is really like and get the answers to these and other burning questions you might have - you’re going to be stoked about the #RevInsider blog posts!

So what exactly is #RevInsider? 🤔

Whilst we tell you a lot about our products and plans, we almost never talk about ourselves as a company. About all the stuff that’s happening inside the team: how we’re gathering the best talent from all over the world, how we build people up and encourage them to deliver results! RevInsider is going to show you how we manage the workflow of our international company, the problems we face and how we solve them.

In a nutshell - RevInsider posts are going to expose the nitty gritty details of how we function as a company.

Interesting, tell me more! 🤓

Revolut started with a bold idea. We wanted to disrupt traditional banking and make people question what they see as normal, when it comes to managing their money. The company started with a few trailblazers, working tooth and nail to create a product that most people didn’t think was possible. Fast forward to today and Revolut is now one of the biggest and fastest growing fin-tech companies in Europe, with hundreds of employees.

The journey we've been on has made us want to start telling you about the inner mechanics of the machine called Revolut.

We’re going to let you in on how our designers and developers work, get inside the heads of our recruiters and lawyers, and discover life as part of the international expansion team. You'll find out about the secrets of our PR managers, and understand what our support and corporate services team get up to.

What can you expect to see in #RevInsider posts?

RevInsider is about sharing our know-how and vision, and divulging the successful and not so successful decisions we've made. Think insider tips, life-hacks and maybe even the odd question or two! More specifically you can expect to see...

A glimpse of our inner-workings ✍️

We want our customers to be privy to the inner workings of Revolut. That means we’re ready and willing to become an open book and to lay it bare - allowing you to view Revolut from a whole new perspective!

That means you’ll get to read about how we operate and why we do things in the way we do them. Whether it’s a new product launch, an in-depth review of the regulations we’re governed by, or a look at the sustainability of any aspect of our company - this is your insider ticket to how we do things at Revolut.

Expert knowledge 💡

We’ve got the knowledge so we thought, why not share it!? For the past 3 years we’ve formed an A-team of experts in various fields of business, who know their stuff inside and out. There are almost 400 of us now - all excited to share our vision, ideas and the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. Perhaps you’ll even find a few nuggets of inspiration that you can use in your own projects!

Our processes 💻

It struck us that detailing our working processes in a methodical way would also help us to streamline our ideas. It would allow us to look back and see exactly how we did things, see what worked and gain insight into how we could do things differently in the future. So not only do you learn about us - we’ve got ourselves our own little journal!

A focus on talent 👫

By letting you dive into our culture and how we operate, we hope that we’ll be able to attract the best talent out there. We know that money isn’t the only motivation when people apply for a job. Other factors such as professional growth opportunities, joining an awesome team with great communication, and having the ability to gain new skills and experience is also massively important - which is why we want to highlight exactly what you get when you join Revolut. Whilst we know all those benefits are there, you might not get all that from reading a job listing or an article about us.

So get ready for a masterclass in all things Revolut. And remember if you love reading any of our posts as much as we love writing them, then make sure you like, comment and share them with your nearest and dearest!

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