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Mikael Peydayesh

 · 02/22/2019  · 02/22/2019

Revolut is changing the way money moves around the world and we’re hiring the brightest and most ambitious people to help us do just that.

We’re now looking for Global Operations Managers to join Revolut, where they will be helping us build the world’s first truly global payments system that allows users to transfer money anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world, in real-time, with no fees.

Why current payment systems are broken 🏦

They say “money makes the world go round”, but it wouldn’t go round at all if it weren’t for payments and transfers. From paying back your friends for last night’s rounds to sending money overseas, transfers are the lifeblood of global finance.

When we started Revolut, we didn’t fully understand payments - we just knew they could be a lot better. Why should you have to pay fees to send someone money just because they live in a different country? Why do you need to give out a million different bits of information just to make a bank transfer and why on earth does it take the best part of a week for the funds to arrive?

The global financial system relies on a network of different payments systems, some of which are pretty old and definitely not fit for purpose in today’s global economy. Banks rely on these systems and networks to track who owes what to whom following a payment, and to offset those debts with simple credit and debit entries on the bank’s books. So essentially, they spend a lot of time moving numbers around. Not only do we think we can do better, we think the world needs us to do better.

Where we are now and where we’re going 🚀

We went from learning about the global banking system from scratch to having local accounts in over 20 countries and our own SWIFT infrastructure for international payments, all in under 3 years. And today, four million people have opened a Revolut account. But we're not done yet.

In the next three years, we aim to have local accounts in every major country across the globe. This includes the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark and Croatia. And hey, if your country isn’t on this list, don’t sweat it — we’ll be with you soon.

In the next six years, we’re shooting for the near-impossible: the ability for every Revolut user to transfer money anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world, instantly, and 100% free. And that’s where you come in.

Why we need you 👊🏻

Tackling major infrastructure problems in global finance is no small task and we need the very best people to help us do it. When you join Revolut as a Global Operations Manager, you will be leading your own small team to ‘crack’ how payments work in a specific country.

You will spend time learning about what systems your particular country uses for payments and scope out the exact work Revolut needs to do in order to interface with those systems. You will need to build relationships with incumbents to ensure our solution works with theirs. You will need to build and maintain relationships with regulators, become a mini-legal expert to review the necessary paperwork, with help from our in-house team of lawyers and regulatory professional. You will also need to work with a team of developers to devise and build the actual solution and you will need to put your analytical hat on and build dashboards to track progress and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

In a sense, it’s almost like running your own mini-startup within a startup: you will be doing whatever it takes to get from point A (basic Revolut functionality in a given market) to point B (Revolut working seamlessly there).

What’s in it for you 💪🏻

Achieving meaningful change in global finance is no mean feat. Joining Revolut as a Global Ops Manager will stretch you further than you probably thought was possible.

That said, you will probably learn more in a year at Revolut than most people learn in a decade of work elsewhere, including areas like problem-solving, research, business development, partnership building and execution. You’ll gain a deep understanding of one of the world’s biggest industries. For anyone with entrepreneurial tendencies, it is an incredible chance to learn what it takes to get a business off the ground.

You will also be part of one of the fastest-growing unicorns in Europe, working directly with some of the biggest players in international finance (big banks, regulators, you name it), and you’ll be surrounded by other incredibly bright, ambitious people, all pushing in the same direction.

At the end of it all, you might just be able to tell your grandchildren how you helped change the world of finance and beyond. This may sound grandiose, but this is the scale of the problem we are trying to tackle — and this is a career-defining opportunity.

What we’re looking for 👇🏻

The sort of problems we are trying to tackle are exciting but challenging — so, we’re looking for genuine, fully-fledged superstars.

There are, of course, no strict guidelines on who’s a superstar and who isn’t. But over the last three years, we’ve found that many successful ops people at Revolut tend to have:

  • Studied a STEM degree or Economics at a top university (you might have also studied something else but are naturally interested in technical stuff), or;
  • Worked in a high growth start-up in product/ops with some experience in scaling, or;
  • Worked at a top investment bank and are sick of politics and doing the same thing over and over again, or;
  • Be a fresh ambitious graduate and have probably tried to start your own company during university.

If this sounds like you and you are excited by what you’ve read so far (and we mean genuinely excited), then have a look at the job descriptions below and apply. We want to hear from you.

🚀 Global Ops Manager - Banking & Payments
🚀 Global Ops Associate - Banking & Payments