Making Payments Social with GIFs 🎉

Anna Koutras

 · 09/04/2018  · 09/04/2018

Traditionally speaking, banking is boring. After all, we’re talking about money here and that’s meant to be serious business, right?

Well, while we know it's serious, we don’t think it should be boring. So we’ve tried to unload some of the baggage that the word ‘money’ carries with it. By demystifying the way banking works, ditching the formalities and empowering you to question the way things have always been done - it’s time to think about money differently.

So how about making things friendlier, more social and dare we say it, more fun!? 🐒

By making it easier than ever to send and receive money, our goal is to eliminate the awkwardness of getting paid back. Forget the chasing, the text messages and the uncomfortable conversations. Whether you owe someone for drinks or they owe you for cinema tickets, you can settle the tab in just a few taps - and we’ll even send reminders for you.

But we’re not stopping there! 😎

As our first foray into doing social payments, you can now add a GIF when sending money to your friends on Revolut!

Just check out our video below to see GIFs in action and if you owe someone for pizza, add in a GIF of your choice to make things more entertaining.

We’d love to know what you think, so let us know in the comments. And if you’ve got any ideas about ways that we can make payments more social, let us know!

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