How Revolut Business helps marketing companies skip bottlenecks and boost budgets

Richard Johnson

 · 03/29/2023  · 03/29/2023

If you’re a business matchmaker – coupling influencers with an audience, and in-demand products and providers to consumers – you’ll know how important it is to access global digital payments quickly.

With search, social media, and video now the dominant advertising formats – and a world of influencers, affiliates, and partnerships to tap into to help your business gain ground – it’s especially important you don’t let your ad spend slip away from you. Read on, and you’ll find out we’ll help you:

Track your ad spending and all other spending from you and your team

Accept and make payments locally and across borders, all managed from one app

Make sure your hard work’s accounted for with invoices that don’t mean loads more admin

Need a solution right away? Look no further.


Keeping eyes on your company spend

Tracking your ads' impact is a delicate balancing act of money out vs money generated, and leads vs revenue. But you can’t check any of this in a meaningful way if:

  • You’re unsure what you’re spending on online ads and subscriptions
  • Money’s leaving your account, but it’s difficult to track
  • It’s hard to put a hard stop on budgets for ads
  • You want to see how effective your ads are at a glance

Reach new heights with online ad spend you can track and control

Get the global exposure you need, without breaking your budget.

When it comes to your online ad spend, knowledge really is power. Knowing how much you’re spending on ads – and avoiding spiralling costs – is a major priority. But how much are those ads bringing in? That tells you how effective they are...and that kind of data raises questions, giving you a roadmap to effective ads. And ultimately, a more recognisable brand.

No matter what online ad platform you’re using – Facebook, Amazon, Google, or others – one thing’s for certain: you can track and control spending per platform with virtual cards.

Instantly issue virtual cards to yourself and your team in your Revolut Business account. They’re perfect to use for dedicated spend on specific platforms, while also giving your team the power to spend where they need.

How it works
Create a card in-app, and assign it to a team member. Then, set limits per card, or outright cancel recurring spending by deleting the virtual card associated with it. Your cards will draw from specific accounts, so tallying your spending becomes simple.

Once you’re up and spending, you can get detailed spending data via your personalised analytics feature in-app. See your ad spend on a near-atomic level – per platform, by days, weeks, months, or longer!

It’s a sure-fire way to stop throwing money at ads and make your spend as effective as possible.

See if Revolut Business is available in your country here.

Rein-in rogue spending. Control your cash flow in clicks.


Using tools to help your payment strategy, not hinder it

Different pricing models can prove to be pitfalls if you’re not careful. A network of freelancers is great, but all have different payment requirements. And what happens when tens of workers grows to hundreds or thousands? Having the right app on-hand to create a fuss-free payment strategy means you’ll easily send payments exactly when you need to. But right now:

End-to-end payments are slow

  • It’s taking 3-5 business days to pay your suppliers and freelancers abroad
  • Outfitting your workers to take customer payments is hard, costly, and less-than-speedy, making it a drag for everyone involved
  • The knock on effect? You’re never sure when money’s coming in


Use multi-currency accounts to keep payments flowing fast – in both directions
Keep your growing roster of freelancers, affiliates, and suppliers happy with fast, reliable payments, with over 25 currencies to send in-app.

How it works
Set up multi-currency accounts to send the exact currencies you need to – and this helps with accurate reporting too.

If you’re paying money in one currency and your recipient receives it in a different one (like USD > EUR) – this is our secret: we’ll use the real exchange rate for money currency exchanges. It’s that day’s rate – not one we make up for fun.

Plus it’s easy to receive international payments directly into their own currency accounts, too.

Add as many accounts as you need per currency in-app (bonus: there’s no limit). All your currency accounts are in your Revolut Business app, and are accessible in a few taps or clicks. Your incoming payments stay in their original currency – we won’t exchange them unless you ask us to.

See our exchange fees here. Exchange rates can change, so always check in-app for up-to-date rates. See how exchange rates work for more info.

Make foreign exchange work for you, with every currency you need.


Requesting payment for your hard work

We know generating invoices is a manual slog. But you may find:

  • You’ve got too many invoices, too little time
  • You’re not sure how you can track billable hours in a more efficient way
  • You want your accounting and payment software to talk to each other to avoid month-end-madness
  • Your clients and customers can’t pay you in their preferred way, slowing down reconciliation

Break down barriers to charging billable hours
Whatever pricing model you use for your services, you’ll need to eventually invoice your work. And getting paid is the exciting part – but rather than manually create invoices and slow your reconciliation process down, you can create professional invoices in a few clicks.

How it works
Head to ‘Invoices’ in-app, and simply tap to create a new invoice, adding required details like name, amount, and work you’re invoicing for.

But this is where it gets speedy. You can also let your customers pay any way they want to: including regular bank transfers, card payments, Apple Pay, and even Revolut Pay.

And for an even faster invoice next time, you can give your customers the option to save one of those payment methods – so they’ll be able to pay you in no time at all.

Set up your invoices as one-off or recurring, and set automatic reminder emails we’ll send on your behalf if the invoice remains unpaid (you just have to pick the dates).

For finance teams, all invoices can be tracked and you’ll receive notifications when you’ve been paid. They’re automatically reconciled, too. Breezy bookkeeping or what?

Never be without ways to get paid again.


Do it all with a Revolut Business account

Low-cost payments you can rely on, company spend you control, and seamless, automatic invoicing. That’s admin time saved that you can spend building relationships and growing your business.

You don’t have to just keep up. Get ahead with us, and imagine what fast, reliable transactions could mean:

  • You can pay freelancers fast and have their costs tallied against your revenue.
  • Your customers will have zero barriers to pay – making them more likely to buy again.
  • Your risk is lowered as you’re not waiting around to pay your suppliers or receive payments.
  • Your network becomes stronger, day by day. As you pay your freelancers and gig workers fast in their local currency, they keep coming back.
  • You can make any pricing model work for you, from hourly rates to commissions and retainers. Having a seamless and straightforward way of collecting payments means a predictable, stable cash flow.
  • You’ll save your business buckets of time as traditional ways of advertising and connecting consumers to products are being left behind. So it seems like it’s only natural to leave the expensive, slow, cumbersome payment methods behind too.

So what are you waiting for? Get access to the tools, ways and means of streamlining your processes, saving time, and saving money. We’re trusted worldwide by 200,000 businesses, and over 10,000 new businesses join us every month from across the globe.

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See our Business Terms and Conditions here. Metal cards are available with a paid plan. See business account pricing here.