How to maximise your e-commerce payments and conversions with Revolut Business

Richard Johnson

 · 03/29/2023  · 03/29/2023

If your business relies on selling products and services online, it’s not a question of if, but when, you’ll go global. Quickly growing into new markets with easy access to foreign currencies isn’t a closely-guarded secret. But archaic finance providers, banks, and payment systems may be holding you back.  

Read on and find out how we’ll help you:

Access the foreign currencies you need, at budget-friendly rates

Send and receive money globally, all from one app

Remove friction from your checkout to cut down on customer churn and abandoned carts

Control company spending with tools that let your team spend with limits you set

Need a solution right away? Look no further.


Accessing foreign currencies and making secure cross-border payments

With global e-commerce sales set to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, you don’t want to be lagging behind with a payment provider putting up barriers to crossing borders. Especially if:

You don’t have access to a large range of currencies…

  • …which is slowing down your expansion plans
  • You’re overpaying for currencies you need with different brokers and currency exchanges
  • Your available exchange rates are poor and unpredictable, with no way to control the volatility you experience on a daily or monthly basis – ultimately affecting your bottom line
  • Your customers pay you in one currency, but you pay suppliers in a different currency – heightening your market exposure

With a global customer base looking across borders to international marketplaces, there’s no time like the present to access the currencies you need at leading rates. So:

Use multi-currency accounts to send and receive payments across borders at great rates
Traditionally, cross-border payments go through a network of banks, and the unnecessary and unexpected costs can start stacking up – not to mention delays, too. So what happens when you need to send payments (to suppliers or anyone else) in different currencies to how you receive payments?

Revolut Business was built to simplify moving money across borders. So we make sure from day one with us, you’ll have access to the currencies you need with our multi-currency accounts.

How it works
Once you join Revolut Business, you’ll be able to exchange foreign currencies in seconds, any time you need them. You can set up as many currency sub-accounts as you need, in over 25 currencies – for free. So if you’re expecting payments in Euros, you can set up a Euro account, and it comes complete with its own local account details.

You’ll also get local account details for GBP, EUR, and USD as standard – and international account details for all other currencies. Share your details in a click or tap in-app with your recipients.

We’ll exchange currencies in and out of your accounts at the real exchange rate. This means you’re not ripped off or charged a rate we’ve made up.

With easy access to global currencies, receiving transfers and payments in different countries is as simple as getting paid locally.

Planning ahead?
If you’ve got large future orders or payments on the horizon, you can also use Forwards contracts to lock-in today’s rate to buy currencies at set amount and date in the future (for UK-only plans, coming to EEA soon!). It’s an easy way to save money and shield against market volatility for up to 12 months.

See our exchange fees here. Exchange rates can change, so always check in-app for up-to-date rates. See how exchange rates work for more info.         

“Traditional banks prove inefficient and costly”
“We use FX and international payments to manage transfers to overseas suppliers, given our customers may pay us in a different currency than the one needed to pay our providers. We save time and money using Revolut Business for foreign exchange, as traditional banks prove inefficient and costly.”
- Alberto Martínez, COO, Hellotickets

Make foreign exchange work for you, with every currency you need.


Making payments and transfers more efficient

E-commerce is rapidly evolving, and is a highly competitive market with a growing global stream of new customers, all with preferred ways to pay. If you’re aiming to get ahead, you may find:

Your payments and transfers are slow and unpredictable

  • It’s difficult to pay suppliers on-time, in a practical way – especially in different countries
  • Sending payments and transfers one by one is a manual, painful process
  • It takes 3-5 business days for your transfers to lumber from one account to another
  • Your online checkout is a pinch-point – you’d love to fix those abandoned carts
  • You’re feeling stuck with an account provider that has no interest in making life easier for you

Get peace of mind with payments and transfers
Alongside dedicated currency accounts to receive and send money across borders, we make sure you can track your local and global transfers in real time in our web and mobile apps. All it takes is a few clicks or taps in-app, with pinpoint accuracy. You’re never left guessing where your money’s gone.

Of course, company debit cards – physical and virtual – are another way to make sure payments are fast and low-cost, with the same currency advantages of sending payments directly from your account (more on how this works below).

You can also send requests to process one-off payments. It’s a simple link (available in UK & EEA), so you don’t have to share your account details.

When it comes to receiving payments for online stores or websites, you can use major retailers, POS systems, and payment gateway providers – and your sales revenue will land directly into your Revolut Business account. For real ease of use, you could use our own dedicated online checkout (available in UK & EEA, find out how it works below).

Cut admin time with bulk payments
So as you gain new ground abroad, you’ll have more suppliers, contractors, and people to pay. Manually entering this data – for the same people, at the same intervals – is definitely a process you can cut down, and cut out. This is where you can save hours every month with bulk payments.

How it works
If you find your payments list is growing, then bulk payments give you power to send 1,000 payments at once. From the ‘payments’ area in-app, load up your recipients’ payment information into a single CSV file, schedule the payments, and they’ll be sent at a time you choose, and arrive in your recipients’ account fast. Another exhausting admin job, axed. Hours  – potentially days – of manual payment processing done in a few clicks.

Push painful payments into the past.



Break barriers to customer sales and acquisition with Revolut Pay (available in UK & EEA)
According to Baymard Institute, online merchants lose almost 80% of sales due to customers abandoning shopping carts – a clear warning sign that something at the checkout isn’t working.

Revolut Pay is our answer to make your online checkout secure, low-cost, and frictionless.

How it works
It’s a feature available with all Revolut Business Merchant accounts (a ‘sub account’ within Revolut Business designed to help you receive online payments).

For customers, using Revolut Pay means they can checkout in one click and avoid navigating confusing online checkout processes with limited payment options. And they’ll earn cashback on every purchase, too.

For you, it means easily accepting payments in more than 20 currencies via Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit and credit cards. It also means higher authorisation rates, and more successful transactions.

With a touch of tech magic, Revolut Pay can also be integrated with popular e-commerce platforms. So if you’re set up with Shopify, making moves with Magento, or working with WooCommerce, you can still take advantage of our checkout solution.

See if Revolut Business is available in your country here.

Accounting for company spending

Unchecked spending can drain your reserves quickly, and leave those who need spending power in your business feeling...well, powerless. Does this sound familiar?

Your spending’s hard to control – on a team and company level

  • Team members share corporate cards, slowing down financial operations and increasing risk
  • It’s tricky to track all your local and overseas payments and expenses. And reporting? Forget about it
  • You’re plagued with receipts, rogue spending, out-of-pocket expenses, and no easy way to track your revenue. Plus, your team members are out of pocket

Track and manage your spending closely using cards and analytics
When it comes to your out of home spending, ads, subscriptions, and surprise purchases can devour even the most well balanced budget. So our in-app spend management tools mean you can account for every penny, cent, and franc. You won’t need to investigate your entire month-end mountain of receipts, expenses, and invoices. With Revolut Business, it’ll all be done for you.

How it works
Simple team spending starts with virtual and physical debit cards you control. You can give team members access to cards that you limit to only be used within specific categories or subscriptions.

Use our in-app payment tracker to keep your eyes on every payment made by you and your team as it happens. And for extra clarity, you’ll find your own personalised analytics dashboard in-app, too. This is where you can really have fun breaking down your spending to granular detail; by card, vendor, spending category, and more.

Having spending clarity certainly gives you a lot of answers, but may raise a few questions: like where you might be able to cut your renewal costs or look for ways to prioritise certain ad platforms over others.

“I love how you can see all spend in real time”
“Revolut Business is excellent for spend management. We manage all team expenses with cards, and set limits to control against rogue spending. Before, people were manually sending me receipts, but now they just spend on their cards and upload expenses to the app. I love how you can see all the spend in real time ... and how the approved spend syncs automatically to our accounting system.”
- Arthur Edson, Head of Finance, Wild Cosmetics

>> Read Wild’s incredible story of 400% growth

Rein-in rogue spending. Control your cash flow in clicks.


Do it all with a Revolut Business account

With the right tools at your side, you’ll find it easier to break into foreign markets and find perfect market fits for your products, with a low barrier of entry.

So you need a platform that sets you up to succeed, with an account and features you can depend on. Features that grow with you as you scale up, and give you a way to navigate unchartered markets and exciting new opportunities with ease.

Joining Revolut Business and adopting a new kind of business account, you’ll soon find:

  • Attracting non-local buyers becomes a lot easier when you can access global currencies with great exchange rates. Turn buying and selling in different countries into a process as easy as getting paid locally.
  • You can thrive internationally, put your market entry strategy to work, and sell easily to non-native markets.
  • You can manage spend across your company to make sure everything is accounted for, and no hard-earned revenue goes to waste.
  • You’re strengthening supplier trust with speedy payments and invoices, maintaining those vital relationships.
  • You’re saving time, money, and brain power by cutting your exhausting admin.

So what are you waiting for? Get access to the tools, ways and means of streamlining your processes, saving time, and saving money. We’re trusted by 200,000 businesses, and over 10,000 new businesses join us every month.

Get started by clicking the link below and talking to our friendly sales team.


Information correct at time of publication. See our Business Terms and Conditions here. Metal cards are available with a paid plan. See business account pricing here.