Meet Ed - Head of Mobile

Rob Braileanu

 · 01/30/2018  · 01/30/2018

Here at Revolut, we have over 100 engineers working hard behind the scenes to build all the amazing features we use every day. For the second edition of RevInsider, we wanted to introduce our multi-talented Head of Mobile, Ed.

What I do at Revolut

Officially, I'm the Head of Mobile, but I also look after the retail team. My job is to build and to constantly improve the Revolut App, alongside my team of incredible tech whizzes.

Together, we take care of everything iOS and Android within Revolut. In physical terms, the team and I work on the strategy side of things, then we roll up our sleeves and start coding, putting together all the features that our users see in the app.

My background story

My journey to Revolut was different to most other people. I studied computer science and music at University - my two great passions - but after I graduated, I started pursuing a career in music. Most musicians know that this usually means taking up a few side jobs as well - all part of the fun!

Before Revolut, I worked as a telemarketing agent, handled logistics for a record label and I even had a short stint as a professional gambler! I eventually started touring the world with my band as the lead guitarist - something which I always wanted to do. It was great fun and I absolutely loved every second of it!

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But when my late twenties kicked in, I realised that I wanted to follow my other passion - tech. This led me to a big finance company in the City, working on their mobile product for a while, before I decided to join an early startup and try to put a cool product out into the world.

Best project I've worked on at Revolut

Without a doubt, one of the biggest highlights was the Crypto release. I mean, internally, we've been trying to build and release crypto for almost two years, since some of us here at Revolut have been crypto maniacs for a long time. The main issue getting the feature out into the world was, understandably, liaising with all the different partners and relevant stakeholders.

To see the feature live in the app was truly an achievement, because if you think about it, before Revolut, there weren't many options that would allow you to quickly and easily gain exposure to crypto.

What drives me to come to work everyday

Firstly, I'd say the people I work with. They're super talented, focused and driven by the idea that together, we can create something that helps millions of people around the world. That's extremely motivating on its own.

You can go from idea to execution within a week, sometimes even less.

The other big driver for me is the speed at which good ideas can become a reality. At Revolut, no matter who you are, your idea can be created and released within the app in a very short span of time!

My advice for someone starting out

The key is practice - that's 90% of what you need to do. These days, we have access to so many great resources online. Everything is there for you, easily searchable and readily available at the click of a button.

If you want to be in my place in a few years, my advice is to start early, focus on an area that you really like (frontend, backend, etc) and start building it. The more projects you work on, the more you'll have to show a potential employer.

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