Tampon costs aren’t fair. Period 💸

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 11/17/2021  · 11/17/2021

Bet you didn’t expect to see a blog post from your financial app with the word tampon in it, right?! But periods are a fact of life, and women – and everyone who has a period – have them every (bloody) month. Over a lifetime, paying for period products can add up to £5,000. Oof!

What if, instead of spending money on tampons and other menstrual products every month, that money could be put towards better financial wellbeing? Like saving it or investing in crypto (capital at risk).

That’s why we’ve partnered with Yoppie, a fantastic female-owned, sustainable and organic period care company, to give free period products each month as part of your Metal plan when you upgrade.

And, if this offer doesn’t apply to you, be a pal and tell a person with a period you know! Here’s how it works:

Pick your Yoppie period products

Go to Yoppie.com and pick the products of your choice. We’ll cover up to £5 worth of products each month. You can either keep the products for yourself or give them to someone else who would use them!

Get your money back straight to your account

Pay with your Revolut card and you’ll get the £5 back within seven days. The money’s yours to do what you like with, but it’s also an opportunity to make it work for you...

Put money towards your financial future

How about taking your former tampon funds and putting them towards your future instead? With Metal, buying crypto is fast, easy and low-fee (capital at risk). You also get 0.40% interest paid daily in Savings Vaults. Plus with Metal, you'll also enjoy 10% cashback on Stays, an exclusive Metal card and so much more.

Let’s get more money in the hands of women

So, let's start getting more money in the hands of women. And to make crypto a little less complex, check out our six-part crypto blog series – essential reading for all crypto queens in the making.

What to do next:

1. Go to your Profile in the app (top left-hand corner)
2. Tap ‘Price plan’
3. Upgrade to Metal
4. Once you’ve upgraded, go to Yoppie.com/revolut to pick your products!
5. Get up to £5 cashback straight back to your account within a week

Disclaimer: Must upgrade to Metal by February 28, 2022 to redeem. Delivery is free for the first two orders. See here for full Terms & Conditions.