Motivate your kids to save with Junior Goals

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 10/02/2020  · 10/02/2020

Who remembers being a kid and saving up for something you really wanted? And how exciting it was when the day finally came and you could go and buy it?! At Revolut Junior we wanted to make it as easy as possible for kids to get that awesome feeling of achievement and really learn the importance of saving.

Introducing Goals, Junior's new feature that makes saving both motivating and fun. With a little help from you (the parent/guardian) to get started, your kids will be excited about saving in no time. Goals is an easy way to motivate them to save towards something they really want - and we can't wait to hear about all the cool things they're saving for!

From a new bike to the latest and greatest pair of sneakers, set a Goal with your kid in the Junior app and encourage them to save up for it! You can monitor their progress easily in-app and help keep them achieve their goals.

How Goals works:

  1. Pick a Goal. This can be done from your Retail app by you, or in the Junior app by kids
  2. Set a Target. Target values can be set for the Goal either by you or your kid
  3. Add to the Goal. You or your kid can add money directly to the Goal
  4. Monitor progress. Progress towards the target can be tracked by you or your kid from the Retail and Junior apps
  5. Access anytime. You and your kid can simply move the funds from the Goal (which stores the money like a piggy bank) to the kid’s card if needed

Got more questions? No worries, check out the FAQs below:

What is Junior Goals?
Junior Goals provides an easy way for parents and guardians to help kids learn how to save. As a parent, you can create a Goal for your kid with or without a target value, and you can watch their progress as they save. Kid’s can also create Goals for themselves through the Junior application, which you can track from your application. You can fund the Goal directly, or your kid can do this from their allowances and task completion earnings.

Can I access Junior Goals?
Junior Goals is currently available to all Revolut Premium and Metal users in regions where Junior is live.

Does my child need a smartphone to be able to use Goals?
No, all functionalities of Goals are available from your account as the parent.

What happens when I close a Goal?
If a Goal is closed, whether this is done by you as the parent or by your kid, the funds in the Goal will be moved to your child’s card.