Never overpay for currency exchanges with Limit and Stop orders

Richard Johnson

 · 03/15/2023  · 03/15/2023

Relying on foreign currencies to fuel your business might leave you feeling exposed. Between suppliers, stock, and workers’ wages... you're all but guaranteed to see currencies bounce beyond your comfort zone. And your control.

You might not have a crystal ball. But you can make sure you won’t be stung with transaction fees or overpay your future exchanges. Here’s how:

Use Limit and Stop Orders to name your price whenever you buy and sell. Automatically exchange your money and tokens, any time. At breakfast, in meetings…even in your sleep. And that means you can keep your eyes on your own finances and off the global markets.
No hidden fees, just great rates you and your finance team are comfortable with (because, hey, you pick them!).

Relieved? Explore what you can do with Limit and Stop orders:

Name your price when you exchange

Automatically buy and sell foreign currencies and crypto at your ideal rates, fee-free (for paid plans). Place orders on web and mobile directly from your Business account

Shield against tomorrow’s uncertainties

Keep to your budget and protect your capital, no matter how fast prices move. Place orders in 25+ currencies with no restrictions, and 7 cryptocurrencies up to $100k per exchange. Cancel orders anytime

Manage trades without monitoring markets

Not looking to become a day trader? We’ve got you. Ignore minute-to-minute market movements. Instead, when your chosen currencies hit your set price, they’ll exchange. And your funds land in your account immediately

How limit orders work

You need to buy USD, but your margins are tight, and you’re prepared to wait for prices to change. GBP/USD is £1 = $1.21 – but this may move in your favour. So rather than stare at the markets, you place a limit order for £1 = $1.09, which automatically exchanges at this price, or better.

How stop orders work

You still need to buy USD. GBP/USD is £1 = $1.09 and moving higher – becoming less favourable to you. To ‘stop’ the price getting away from you as it rises, you place a stop order at £1 = $1.21 to buy when this price hits and keeps rising. Your final price might be different to this, depending on the markets.

How to place an order

  1. Go to any currency account on the Home screen > ‘Exchange’
  2. Choose an order type at the top-right of the screen
  3. Confirm your limit or stop price
  4. Review your order > ‘Submit order’

See all your orders from the Home screen > Favourites (★ icon) > Orders

Get Limit and Stop Orders when you upgrade

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