Never Settle: Pedro Pinheiro's story on how working in support opens career paths

Karolina Kubala

 · 01/26/2022  · 01/26/2022

The first time I heard about Revolut was in 2018, just before a trip to London. At the time it already was the obvious choice for someone who wanted to use a different currency on the go with great ease and no hidden fees – I checked it out and instantly became a fan!

Fast-forward to February 2019 and I randomly read in the newspaper that Revolut was planning to open an office in Porto, of all places, and was planning to hire a bunch of people. It felt like a sign. I was longing for a career change and this seemed like the perfect opportunity: a start-up full of promise, with a genius product and the kind of fast-paced environment that I was looking for. So I went for it!

Joining Revolut

The recruitment process was challenging – this was my first time doing online interviews, little did I know that this would become the norm less than one year later – but it only got me more excited about the company and when I got the job I was thrilled!

I joined Revolut as a Team Lead to help establish the business customer support specialist team in Porto. My team members and I started on the exact same day and, supported by the team in Kraków, quickly got to growing a solid operation from the ground up on Portuguese soil. And we’ve done just that. We also pioneered several interesting initiatives. We kicked off multilingual specialised support, dedicated onboarding support to help customers open their accounts, personalised surveys for direct-from-customer feedback, and many other projects that helped put us on the map.

Opportunities at Revolut

It’s fascinating to note that everyone from my original team of business support specialists has since moved on to doing something else in the company: some are leading their own teams, others are trainers, quality control specialists, financial crime specialists and so on. Everyone has progressed their careers and found something they enjoy doing among the thousands of different opportunities Revolut has to offer.

As for me, after 15 months in the company, I was invited to move to the Financial Crime department to, essentially, repeat the process. There was a brand-new team of recently hired FinCrime Analysts that needed someone to lead them and establish a solid operation in the Porto office. I decided to go for it and, again, found myself growing a team from scratch, supported by the main office in Kraków.
Lightning strikes twice, it seems, because our team was (and still is) a success! From those initial 12 analysts who joined me in November 2020, we’ve now grown to 75 team members locally, and we’re continuing to hire, grow and expand! I moved on to become an operations lead in FinCrime, not only managing the operation in Porto, but in Kraków and Vilnius, too. Several of my initial team members are now also leading their own teams!

Never settle

No one is doing the same thing they were doing one year ago, and this may seem odd but it’s just the way it is at Revolut. Time moves at a different speed! As we continue to grow, we’re looking forward to having the next team of future leaders joining us!

If you come to work with a commitment to not only reaching your goals, but to exceeding them, we want to hear from you.
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