New and improved plans that’ll have you feeling invincible every day, from just £2.99

Sonja Polimac

 · 12/18/2020  · 12/18/2020

If you’re not on one of our paid plans already, you’re going to set seriously green-eyed over the newest updates we’ve brought to our family of plans. We’ve even introduced a brand new member for just £2.99 a month: welcome to the world, Plus! We’ve still got all the features you love, we’re just boosting them with a few new ones that will help you get more from your money, so you can feel invincible when you spend on a daily basis.

Want to hear the best news? Premium and Metal might have gotten an upgrade, but they're the same great prices. We've even added a new member to the family for just £2.99 a month: welcome to the world, Plus!

Here are a few ways our improved plans will make you feel invincible every day:

Get reimbursed when your purchase is accidentally damaged or stolen, for 365 days

Do you buy a phone or laptop just to wrap it up with cases, screen protectors, or even bubble wrap and then chain it to yourself? Well, when you buy them with your Revolut card, you can stop worrying. You’re covered from the moment of purchase for a whole year. No more panic about pickpockets and smashed phone screens, just claim it through Revolut. Each of our plans comes with a different limit - so just choose the one that’s right for your purchases.

Enjoy an enhanced 90-day return window

Maybe you’re the kind of shopper who always needs a little extra time when making a return. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse with an extended returns window giving you more time to decide.  Take the pressure off with enhanced 90-day returns, so you can shop guilt-free. Get refunded for items between £50 and £300 if your retailer won’t refund you - we’ve got your back.

Get your money back when bad luck stops you making it to an event

Use your Revolut card to buy those tickets without the fear of “what if?” (although the sharknado you’re imagining is highly unlikely). If something out of your control unexpectedly happens that means you miss an event, we’ll reimburse your tickets. Maybe you’re sick, or your car broke down, you can still get your money back. Choose a plan that will keep you covered when it comes to events.

Maximise your money with as much as 0.65% interest paid into your account daily (coming soon to Europe!)

Vaults make putting money aside effortless, so you can reach your financial goals faster. With access to Savings Vaults through your chosen plan, you can earn up to 0.65% interest per year - paid daily! Watch the pennies add up over the year and you can even see them paying for your plan. That means every other feature is free...right? 😉

It’s all in your hands, Goldilocks. Choose a plan that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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