Receive local payments faster with your new HUF account!

Gone are the days when you had to wait for days to receive payments from your friends and relatives living in the same neighborhood (let alone the same country). We're extremely excited to announce that Revolut users can now receive funds in their local accounts in Hungarian Forint within a day!

Great, but what does this mean for me? 🤔

With your new local account details for Hungarian Forint (HUF), you can receive HUF payments faster than before. So, whether you’re living between countries, travelling, or receiving funds from friends and relatives in Hungary and beyond - Revolut gives you the tool you need to cut out long waits, for free. 💪

I'm sold. Where do I find local HUF account details? 🤑

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Revolut app! Then head to the Home screen > Accounts tab > select Hungarian Forint > tap on the Hungarian flag to see your local account details.

Two things to keep in mind ⚠️

  1. Next time you are sending money into your local HUF account, please make sure to complete all of the reference details, otherwise your transfer will be rejected. And don’t forget to share your new reference details with your friends to receive transfers faster and free of cost.
  2. Transfers made on weekends, bank holidays or after the cut-off time (10PM CET) will be received the next working day.