Check out October’s spooktacular updates 👻

Jessica Persson

 Â· 10/28/2022  Â· 10/28/2022

Another month has passed, and we’re back with a ton of fang-tastic features for you to sink your teeth into. No witchcraft here, just a mission to give you the best of the best. So, go ahead and carve out some time to check out what we’ve got in store.

All your cashback in one place 💰

We all love that ‘look how much I saved!’ feeling, and now it’s easier to achieve than ever. Now you can view, track, and admire all your cashback from Metal, Stays and Rewards right from your Premium plan page!

Introducing Learn & Earn — 1INCH edition 🔐

In our brand new Crypto Learn & Earn course, you can learn all about the currency, 1INCH, through the same bite size lesson format you already love. Plus, if you pass a quiz at the end of each lesson, you’ll earn free 1INCH tokens! (Crypto is unregulated)

Sending money just got easier 💸

Now you can use QR codes and Near-me transfers to make or accept payments effortlessly. You can also search for contacts, view historical payments, and split bills — all with a few taps on your phone

Light mode for Revolut <18 💡

We all love dark mode, but sometimes it’s nice to brighten things up, especially as the days get darker (at least, if you’re North of the equator). That’s why we’ve made Revolut <18 available in light mode, too, so you can manage your money in a style you like

Book amazing holiday Homes with us 🏠

Stays just got a major extension — Homes. Along with hotel stays, you can now explore, book, pay, and get cashback on thousands of amazing homes, all on the app

Market news, delivered in one tap 🗞

Read stories about the stuff that matters to you, and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends, without leaving the app. No more hopping from your app to browser every time!

That’s all for this month. We hope these awesome updates will help brighten things up as the autumn darkness settles (if you’re in the North). We’ve got some spooktactular things in store for November, so don’t ghost us. Boo!

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