October 2022: treating you to great new features

Katharine Yacovone

 · 10/17/2022  · 10/17/2022

Ghost? Ghouls? This month may be known for its spooks and scares, but you won’t find any frights here this Halloween, just some cool new features to explore. That’s right, you asked and we’re here to fill your candy bowl.

As you get your costume together and plan which horror films to watch, we’re here to make running your business (even) easier and more efficient. It’s nothing worth screaming over; it’s just what we boo.

Let’s take a look at the great new treats creeping your way this month.

All new Expense settings via mobile

Check your mobile app to see a revamped Settings section built to make things even smoother. Define the expense information you need from employees, send an automatic nudge or freeze the card if you’re missing anything, and more! Let’s get those expenses sorted.

Add your categories as you go

If you thought we were stopping at Settings when it came to expense management, you are very much mistaken. Now, instead of having to head back to the Settings menu to add categories, tax rates, or custom labels to your expenses, you can add that information directly from the transaction as you fill out your expense details via mobile. Smooth sailing towards submission in fewer taps. Simple.

Card issuing? Meet API (paid plans only)

Want to automate your virtual card issuing? Now you can with our new API, and save time. Securely create new cards in seconds and automatically manage spend limits or freeze/unfreeze cards.

Treat yourself to new Rewards

Save on top-notch business tools; it's our treat. Manage your day-to-day with a $1000 credit toward Notion’s project management platform. Or find top talent with a three-month free trial for the leading recruitment software, Workable.

Plus, in the US, enjoy 30% on a subscription to vcita’s business management tool, get $250 in credit toward investing with Advertio, or pocket a 25% discount for a Getresponse subscription. That’s right, we do more than just help with your finances.

Rewards are subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

Create your feed, the way you want it

Customisations? You asked for them and we’ve got them. You can now edit your Home screen to only see the widgets you need, in the order you want them. This way, your account feed works the way your mind does and you can access your most useful tools quickly and hassle-free. Plus, keep an eye out for more widgets coming soon.

That’s it, folks!

Thanks for taking the time away from your spooky season for another month of updates. Head on back to enjoying your pumpkin carving and sweet treats, and we'll be back next month with more!