Order your first Revolut Card for free until Christmas 🎅

The Christmas holiday season is easily one of the busiest times of the year, with millions of people looking to travel abroad for some much needed winter sun, or to reunite with family, friends and loved ones.

Whatever the reason, be sure to say no to crippling fees and use a radically better app that gives you full control over your finances. To sweeten the deal, we've extended our free card campaign until Christmas Day, so that you, your friends and family can all order your first Revolut card free of charge. 🎉

Can I order a free card? 💳

If you haven't already ordered a physical Revolut card, now's your chance to grab one for free. It doesn't matter if you're a current or new customer - as long as you haven't previously order one of our cards, you can get it for free.

Great, so how do I order the card? 📲

Simply download the app, register and verify your account and top up the minimum amount - usually £10. This is not a fee for the card, it's money you load into your account that can be spent instantly.

What if I already have a physical Revolut card? 😒

It means you're covered, so you don't need to order another card. If you already have a physical Revolut card, why not extend the free card offer to your colleagues, friends and family?

Once they've ordered their free card, you can instantly send and receive money in any of the 24 currencies we support, split household bills, tabs at the bar or any other shared purchase and enjoy all the other benefits of having a Revolut account.

Can I order more than one card for free? 😬

Nope - the promotion only works for your first Revolut card. If you already have one, spread the love with your friends and get them onboard so they can order their free card.

Can I order a free Premium or Metal card? 💁‍♀️

Nope - you can only order your first free standard card through this promotion. Revolut Premium and Metal are separate plans that come with their unique benefits, so giving out free Premium or Metal cards simply wouldn't be fair to our paying customers.

I have been charged for the card. What can I do about this? 💸

If you believe you are eligible to order a free card but have been charged, for whatever reason, simply contact one of our support agents who will be able to look into your issue and refund you the fee. 👌🏻

When does this promotion end? ⏰

The Giveaway will finish at 23:59 GMT on the 25th of December 2018, while stocks last.

Is there anything else I need to know? 🤔

Our lawyers took some time to put together the full Terms and Conditions for this promotion, which you can read here.

Order your free card 💳