Our Virtual Disposable Cards provide added online shopping security

Ipshita Saha

 · 11/25/2020  · 11/25/2020

Your security is a top priority for us at Revolut and we take great pride in offering enhanced features that allow you to stay safe and in control when paying with your Revolut card, online and offline. With Black Friday just around the corner, we’d like to remind you that you can use your Virtual Disposable Card to help keep your money safe and for extra peace of mind and confidence when shopping online.

How does it work? 🤔

The Disposable Virtual cards are incredibly simple and easy to use. Each time you use one to make an online payment, our systems will instantly detect the transaction and then automatically destroy those card details. New details will then be generated, appearing directly in the app, ready for your next online purchase, so you’ll never have to wait to make a secure purchase online.

This feature adds an extra layer of security and protects you against online card fraud, especially if you are making payments on unknown websites.

And don’t worry about any refunds! Even though a single-use card no longer exists after it’s used to make a purchase, should you need to get a refund, money will go straight back into your Revolut account.

How do I get one? 💳

Disposable Virtual Cards are available to all Revolut users, so just follow these simple steps:

  1. Update to latest version of your Revolut app
  2. Head over to the 'Cards' tab
  3. Tap the ‘+ Add Card’ button, then select 'Virtual debit card'
  4. Swipe right to 'Disposable Virtual Card', tap on the pink button and press ‘Get disposable virtual card’
  5. You’re all done. Happy shopping!