And the winner is... 🥁

George Blew

 · 07/15/2021  · 07/15/2021

In case you missed it, we’ve launched Points in the UK! What are Points, you ask? They are your chance to win a slice of the £250,000 we're giving away before July 28. You can earn Points by completing challenges, spending on your card and inviting friends. Each point gets you one entry into the next weekly prize draw – and anyone can win (as long as you're in the UK), so don’t miss out!

Why are we doing this? To say thank you to you, our amazing customers. Without you we wouldn’t be here, so we thought we’d show you some love in the form of a mountain of cash. But enough chit chat, let’s reveal last week’s big winner...

Congratulations, Nick! 🎊

Nick bagged last week’s top prize of £10,000! He managed to rack up just over 2,000 Points, which really goes to show that you can win the big bucks no matter how many Points you get. Saying that, more Points will certainly improve your chances, so keep collecting. Now Nick can pop the cork on a well-deserved bottle of champagne. Congrats again!

How is Nick going to spend all that cash? 🤑

A snazzy new car? A boat-load of crypto? 40,000 Chicken McNuggets? Nope. Nick’s going all out on some new high-tech gadgets, as well as stashing some for a rainy day. And knowing British weather, we'd bet Nick will get to spend that cash sooner rather than later.

You could be next week’s winner 👀

Don’t forget, anyone can win! All you need to do is collect as many Points as you can before next week’s prize draw. Better hurry, there are only 2 more draws. Pro tip: completing challenges and inviting friends is the quickest way to climb the leaderboard.

Ready to get started? 🏁

💰 Check you’ve got the latest version of the app and head to Home > Hub > Points
💰 Take on challenges, invite friends and spend using your card
💰 Collect as many Points as possible before the weekly prize draw
💰 Imagine all the things you could do with that big pile of cash
💰 Look out for the announcement of next winner, it could be you!