Polish Zloty and Swiss Franc have landed!

Rob Braileanu

 · 05/19/2017  · 05/19/2017

Update to Revolut 4.3 to top-up, exchange and send Polish Zloty and Swiss Franc!


We’re building the future of money beyond banking. Err right…but, what does this actually mean?

The banking network

The banking system isolates people and businesses around the globe. When you register with a bank, you’re given a single currency account pre-determined by the country that you’re in. Customers are then charged hefty sums of money for the privilege of transacting in another currency.

Think about what it costs an ordinary UK bank customer to transfer 500 PLN to a bank in Poland. Customers are usually charged a £25 transfer fee and offered exchange rates with a markup of around 3-5%. For international card transactions, banks charge currency-conversion fees that run as high as 3% on every purchase.

Besides being expensive, it’s slow. Transfers often take a lifetime to complete and transactions don’t appear on your statement for days.

Revolut – Beyond banking

We’re creating money without borders. Revolut is one global account that allows ordinary people to complete transactions anywhere in the world, in whatever currency they like – in seconds - without the fees.

Our goal is for anyone, anywhere, to be able to open an account in 60 seconds and instantly hold, exchange and transact in any currency.Revolut users can now top-up in GBP, EUR, USD, CHF and PLN and instantly send free money transfers globally in 26 currencies, and spend in 120 currencies with a contactless MasterCard.

Polish Zloty & Swiss Franc

Adding Polish Zloty and Swiss Franc as base currencies is a huge milestone for us in achieving this goal. It extends our Revolut network and enables another 45 million people - at the very least - to benefit from fee-free global spending and transfers.

As an example of the network we’re building, people in the UK can now instantly transfer Polish Zloty to relatives in Poland in - completely free - without losing any money on the exchange rate. And vice versa!

Whether you’re living between countries, traveling, paying a mortgage in a foreign currency or sending and receiving funds from relatives in Poland/Switzerland or abroad - Revolut can help you cut out the banking fees entirely.

Adding new currencies to your account

To load our new currencies, you’ll need to update your app to Revolut 4.3 via the Google Play or iOS store. Then, simply select Polish Zloty as a top-up currency when loading your account by card or bank transfer.

Alternatively, tap ‘Exchange’ in the app and exchange funds from one of your existing balances to Polish Zloty or Swiss Franc in the app.