Post-bank holiday recovery tips for your 💸

Graeme Keeton

 · 05/07/2019  · 05/07/2019

What- what happened? You stumble out of the front door, your eyes narrowed and squinting at the sky. "Tuesday, is that you?"

You open your Revolut account. What is that ghastly blue peak on the analytics bar? Did you buy a small island? Is this the apocalypse?

Don't worry, it's not. It's just the day immediately following that bank holiday many of us didn't remember was coming. It was a cold one, in London at least, but this is Britain, where not even wind and driving rain, or hail without any visible clouds —what's up with that, by the way?— will stop us having a good time and spending money.

And you did, didn't you? You spent money... maybe too much, or at least, more than you'd hoped you would. Pay day is a long way away. We've got to do something about this.

One solution might be to come and work with us at Revolut, but then maybe you like your job. What then? Here's a quick reminder of some of the Revolut features you can use, to help you recover from the bank holiday's relaxation-induced madness.

So breathe. You're going to be okay. It's Tuesday, and everything is fine.

Make use of Vaults 🔐

Most users are familiar with Vaults by now, but did you know that there are different ways to pay into them? Creating a Vault is as simple as going to More > Vaults > Add new Vault

From there, you can either choose to round up your spare change each time you spend, set a recurring payment of a set amount, or pay in a single lump sum whenever you feel like it.

You can also name your Vault and set a numerical target. In this instance, you might name your Vault 'Bank holiday recovery' and set a target equivalent to that small island you bought. Pay in a little today, and tomorrow, and feel the stress melt away... hopefully.

Create a Vault 🔐

Reconvert your currency 🌍

Somehow you must have known that the bank holiday was coming, because you put yourself on a plane and went to party in Krakow. Interesting architecture, no?

You converted your pounds into złoty at the best possible rate and without rubbish fees, but now you need that dough. No problem. Today being Tuesday, you know, the day after the bank holiday, you can convert those złoty back to pounds, confident in the knowledge that you'll get the best possible return anywhere.

Exchange currencies 💱

Set monthly budgets 🤓

Has it come to this? Did you really let your balance get so low that now, even as you read this, you're mixing the debris at the bottom of each cereal box into something that doesn't have quite the same nostalgic fondness of your childhood Saturday mornings?

You need to set some budgets. Go to the Analytics section of the app, and from there you'll be able to set budgets for everything from groceries and transport, to utilities and health. You can still spend beyond those budgets, but it's a good way to stay on track with your spending.

We'll remind you when you're approaching your budget limit, too. Because we're cool like that.

Set a budget 📊

Split bills for past payments 🖖

All of those friends and family members who said they'd totally pay you back, can now actually pay you back.

Set an amount or tap on any purchase in the app from your main dashboard, and select Split bill. From there you can choose a contact and send them a notification about paying you back for those essential Cinco de Mayo cocktails. 🍹

Split the bill 🍹

In all seriousness, though, building a better relationship with your money is important, and Revolut has the tools you need to make things visible, to help you take control of your finances.

The next UK bank holiday is on May 27th, so you've got a few weeks to build that Vault.