Deliver WOW: how the Revolut engagement team built a recognition program from scratch

Karolina Kubala

 · 02/07/2022  · 02/07/2022

We’re growing. Fast. Not just as a product, but as an employer too. Starting in 2015 with just a handful employees, we now have nearly 3000 Revoluters on board the rocket ship! And we’re not slowing down.

Going from a startup to a huge company requires a lot (like, a lot, a lot) of internal changes. And if scaling HR procedures and making sure employees are up-to-date with all the changes is one side of the coin, then maintaining engagement and making sure employees still feel valued is the other.

So, we talked with Hannah Francis, the phenomenal Head of People Experience here at Revolut, to learn more about our recognition platform, which we call: RevoLoot!

Hey Hannah! Firstly, what is the RevoLoot platform?

RevoLoot is a recognition platform that acknowledges employees' life events – birthdays, anniversaries and promotions. We know how important it is nowadays to engage employees and create an environment where they not only have career opportunities, but also feel valued and appreciated. Especially in a company like ours – we’re a truly global organization, so there are people who work remotely from countries where we don’t even have an office. To make sure they’re linked to the company and our values, we need to focus on those touchpoints where we can celebrate significant moments with our employees virtually.

With RevoLoot, employees receive an E-card on the date of their life event and a link to our store where they can choose a Revolut-branded gift that will be delivered to them at the office or at home.

We didn't want to send everyone the same gadget. Each of us is different and likes to spend our free time differently, so we have prepared special packages thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves.

That’s awesome! How did you come up with the idea?

When reviewing our engagement survey, we found employees wanted us to do more around recognition. We launched a recognition bot – hi5 – the previous year and decided we wanted to take our recognition offering one step further, and recognise our employees important moments at work and in life through custom gifts. We wanted a fully automated process, so we linked it with our people ops platform to ensure we never miss a milestone.  It’s important to think about it in advance as we’re rapidly growing, and we need to make sure that we’ll still be able to do it even when there are 5000 people here.

What’s been the employee reaction to this initiative?

We’ve had a great reaction from our employees! Our engagement scores around recognition have significantly increased. And we’ve processed over 2,200 orders since launch – it’s amazing to see staff wearing their new RevoLoot merch around the office, on video-calls or during their free time.

What other engagement initiatives are offered to employees?

We’re always building on our engagement initiatives, we’re adding internal moves and off-cycle promotions into RevoLoot this quarter, and we recently launched team engagement budgets for line managers across Revolut to spend on activities for their teams. Our wellbeing days were also really well received, with over 3700 wellbeing days taken by our staff over the last 5 months.

If you feel you want to work in a company where celebration matters - check out our career site and apply!