Revolut 2.4 - The Next Generation of Security

Rob Braileanu

 · 04/20/2016  · 04/20/2016

Revolut has reinvented card security, so you can frictionlessly spend and send your money around the world.

In the new release (version 2.4) for iOS and Android, users can turn certain card security features on/off in the app to enhance their Revolut account’s protection.

New Features:

We strongly recommend using these new security features in the app; in particular, we recommend turning location based security on!

Location based security:

Once the user has turned this feature on in the app, we will use their phone’s location to determine if their card has been compromised and help prevent fraudulent transactions.

For example, If you and your phone are in Germany and a transaction is attempted in Hong Kong with your card details - we will stop the transaction from going through. The logic behind this is if you’re in Germany, there’s a high chance the person in Hong Kong trying to use your card details isn’t you!

Don’t worry, we don’t block e-commerce payments so you can still use your Revolut card for international online shopping!


We strongly recommend using these features!

ATM withdrawals:

You can also turn ATM withdrawals off in the app. This will keep your card super secure, and help prevent anyone using the money on your card if it’s been cloned.

Magstripe payments:

Magstripe (the black strip on the back of your card) transactions are unfortunately more susceptible to fraud than other types of card transaction. Disabling magstripe payments in your app when you don’t need this functionality would significantly reduce the risk of fraud on your Revolut card.

Keep in mind:

Whilst most European countries have implemented ‘Chip & Pin’ ATM technology, other countries across the globe have been slower to adopt it.

If you are in the United States and South East Asia in particular, you should keep in mind that a lot of their ATM’s and merchant terminals still use magstripe technology.

E-commerce transactions:

If you won’t be using your Revolut card to spend online for a while, you can disable all e-commerce transactions in the app.

TIP: iPhone users will need to upgrade to iOS 8 in order to use this version (2.4) of the app!

Welcome to the next generation of card security; welcome to Revolut.
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