April Edition: What's new from Revolut Business

Amey Turner

 · 04/07/2021  · 04/07/2021

Whether you’re opening your doors to customers, growing a company or investing in a new idea, let’s launch into action this spring.

Unlock the world with our debit cards

Our virtual and physical debit cards are widely accepted, use them for day-to-day spending with your favourite merchants like Amazon, or business essentials like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and HMRC. You can also group and track particular purchases like travel, subscriptions or supplies.

Even safer spending with virtual cards and 3D Secure

All our cards support 3D Secure and our contactless card limits help fight contactless fraud. Generate virtual cards to get extra protection from theft and fraud when you spend online by using one per transaction.

Save time with automatic receipt matching

Our smart tech reads your receipts and attaches them automatically to your expenses so you can leave behind manual work. Exclusive to paid plans, new to Android.

Forward digital receipts via email

Forward digital receipts via email, and submit any out-of-pocket expenses and paper receipts in-app, making it easier for you to track and review expenses in one place as they happen. Exclusive to paid plans, new to Android.

Hello USA! Save money with great exchange rates

We’re celebrating the launch of Revolut Business in all 50 US states! Refer your US partners to get free transfers between Revolut accounts, and start sending money across the pond at great exchange rates. Read more on the blog.
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Onwards and upwards! More new features and updates next month.