Revolut Business now works with Bullet in Ireland

Sarah Hiraki

 · 07/21/2020  · 07/21/2020

Important news for all our Irish users, we’re excited to announce yet another helpful product integration to the Revolut Business Connect ecosystem – Bullet.

What is Bullet?

Bullet is an online workflow-based accounting and payroll solution designed to automate and reduce taxation for the Irish market.

How does Bullet help Revolut Business users?

Bullet allows users to automate accounts, payroll, tax and tax reduction.

Accounting software mirrors the information from your bank account, with just a little more context given to each transaction, like VAT amount, category etc.

The core of accounting is this matching, which we call ‘bank reconciliation’, that’s making sure what’s in your bank account is also in your accounting product. If your Revolut Business account matches your Bullet account, then your business is in a perfect position and you can sleep soundly. If they don’t – you may be in trouble.

Doing this match with traditional accounts and banking apps is boring, time-consuming, and tricky. The partnership between Revolut Business and Bullet will create a closed system where Revolut Business (your business account) will feed Bullet (your accounting software) all the information it needs. Make a transaction and instantly it’s in your Bullet account, use Revolut Business for an expense we’ll automatically add it to your Bullet payroll.

Bullet is different from all other accounting and payroll applications in that we have built all the accounting logic into step by step workflows, you’ll never have to learn the fiddly bits of accounting. Plus, if you have any questions, our instant chat support is here to help.

Bullet also automates all your Irish tax returns, and works to reduce your tax bill.

What’s the Perk?

With this Revolut Perk, you’ll get Bullet’s Automated accounting software for 3 months for only €1 per month, saving you a total of €80.

You’ll also get a complimentary 1-2-1 setup meeting with a member of our team to make sure you’re set up correctly.

You’ll enjoy Ireland's only modern Mac-friendly online accounts and payroll software setup to reduce Irish taxation.

All Irish Revolut Business users will get a free money-bank guarantee.

How do I connect my accounts?

Not a Bullet customer yet?

Signing up with Bullet is easy. Simply go to, and create an account.

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