Revolut Business Referral Program

Over 300K+ freelancers and businesses have signed up to Revolut Business over the last 2 years, with many finding us through recommendations other Revolut Business users.

To show our appreciation, for a limited time, you can now earn £100 for every Company that you refer to Revolut Business, with £20 for each Freelancer.

How it Works ‌‌🚀

Simply share your unique sign-up link provided by e-mail.

Once your referred Business or Freelancer have successfully completed sign-up, ordered a Revolut Business card and made a payment, the reward will be made directly into your Revolut Personal account within 14 days.

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

Terms and Conditions

‌1. The Business Referral Program provides rewards for:

(a) retail, business and freelance customers which are existing Revolut and Revolut Business account holders (individually, a "Referring Personal Customer", "Referring Business" and a "Referring Freelancer"); and
(b) new businesses (collectively "Referred Businesses" and "Referred Freelancers", and individually, a "Referred Business" and "Referred Freelancer") which are signing up to Revolut for Business for the first time.

2. The Referred Businesses and Referred Freelancers will be eligible to receive a reward of £10 upon satisfaction of all of the following conditions on or before 31st March 2020:

(a) signing up to Revolut Business via a valid personal sign-up link from a relevant Referring Personal Customer, Referring Business or Referring Freelancer;
(b) successfully completing Revolut's onboarding process; and
(c) making a payment using a Revolut Business card.

3. In respect of each referral, the Referring Personal Customer, Business or Freelancer will be eligible to receive a reward of £100 per Referred Business and £20 per Referred Freelancer upon the Referred Business or Freelancer satisfying of all of the conditions in clause 2 on or before 31st March 2020.

4. The reward to the Referring Personal Customer will be credited directly into the Referring Personal Customer's Revolut Personal account within 14 days of the Referred Business or Referred Freelancer satisfying the conditions set out in clause 2.

5. We may suspend or end the  Revolut for Business Referral Program earlier than the end date we’ve mentioned above if, in our reasonable opinion, the Revolut Business Referral Program is being abused or may negatively affect Revolut’s goodwill or reputation. We may do this on an individual or Promotion-wide basis. If we exercise this right we will give advance notice on our website. Please contact support if you believe you qualify for a particular benefit in relation to the Promotion that has not been awarded to you as a result of this early suspension or termination.

6. Events beyond the control of Revolut may occur that render the awarding of the Promotion impossible. Accordingly, Revolut will not be liable for any loss, whether direct or indirect suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control.

7. A Referring Customer may only refer a maximum of 5 Referred Businesses or Freelancers under the Revolut Business Referral Program.

8. Employees of Revolut Ltd. or any subsidiaries are not permitted to participate in the Revolut Business Referral Program.

9. These terms are published in English and any translation is a courtesy and office translation only - participants of the Revolut Business Referral Program cannot derive any rights from the translated version. The English language version of these terms shall apply and prevail and be conclusive and binding. The English version shall be used in legal proceedings.

10. To the extent permitted by law, these terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in England.