How dreaming big landed Leonardo Bandeira his dream job

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 11/30/2020  · 11/30/2020

Startups are known to be high-commitment, high-reward environments, so for many, Revolut is where they come to experience professional opportunities. Leonardo Bandeira, who is based in Revolut Portugal, is one such Revoluter. His journey with us began in Customer Support, and his commitment to excellence soon qualified him for a career move that brought him over to the Complaints team.

Recently, Leonardo celebrated his first work anniversary at Revolut in his second role as Complaints Analyst. We sat down with him to learn how he made the move.

Dream big

Revolut has a culture of setting ambitious goals, and it’s a practice that has anchored Leonardo since day one. His initial role as Customer Support Agent was the beginning of a bigger dream, which was to operate across functions for wider exposure to Revolut’s business.

To fill the shoes of this aspiration, Leonardo crafted a plan that reflected the culture of how Revoluters work. “It began with thinking deeper into my purpose, which was to experience more of Revolut through career progression. That goal helped guide my everyday responses to work - especially in delivering wow to customers - and reminded me to get things done. So from the get-go, I was mindfully setting myself up for success.”

Dream job

Eventually, the role of Complaints Analyst popped up on Leonardo’s radar. His performance and fundamental knowledge of how Revolut’s customers experienced our products made him a stellar candidate, and the rest, they say, is history.

“For this moment, I consider this role to be a dream job. It is where Revolut’s startup qualities really shine through for me - the level of autonomy, flexibility with work hours, and cross-functional collaboration. It has expanded my understanding of Revolut both as a business and as an organisation - now, I clearly see how we’re reinventing how the world does money.”

Dream on

The beauty of being a Revoluter is that there is no limit to what we can achieve - both on the business and personal front. For those who wish to follow in Leonardo’s footsteps, he advises, “Put in the work, aim high, plan ahead. Take charge of your own career and you’ll find no lack of opportunities here at Revolut.”

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