How Elizabeth Kim Is Winning With Marketing Despite COVID-19

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 01/18/2021  · 01/18/2021

Original interview by Ieva Elvyra

Revolut is for those who have ambition and who will work relentlessly to achieve their goals. Elizabeth Kim, who joined Revolut US as Marketing Manager a year ago, made it clear from the start that she wanted to grow fast professionally. Her goalpost never shifted even when COVID-19 became a global threat, changing consumer behaviour and Revolut’s marketing approaches.

In true Revoluter style, Elizabeth rolled with the punches, never settled and most recently, celebrated her promotion to Senior Marketing Manager. She shares with us how she adapted to the new challenges imposed by the global crisis.

Pivoting during a pandemic

Revolut launched in the US just as the world was going into lockdown. To extend its runway in such uncertain times, the team made the calculated decision of stepping the brakes on its marketing budget. This threw a kink in the paid marketing initiatives that Elizabeth had previously planned, and presented her with the challenge of marketing organically.

“At Revolut, we let data be our guide, and that means looking closely into who our customers are, how they’ve engaged with our product, what their needs are - and developing campaigns and product bundles based on that.”

Inspired, Elizabeth ran a peer-to-peer transfer contest that incentivised participation and leveraged on customer social networks. This led to the majority of participants making their first transfers and an uplift in transactions in the weeks following.

Reaching underserved communities

Now, Elizabeth has her attention turned towards growing awareness and sign-ups. Her approaches? Combining engaging giveaways with targeted influencer marketing.

“Immigrants and expats, especially, have become frustrated with traditional banking. Revolut is an elegant, alternative solution to that. So my goal is to bring our innovative solutions to them by leveraging on credible channels and authentic voices in these communities, so that they’ll come to see Revolut as an everyday banking app.”

Sharing the Dream Team mentality

Pressure often reveals the true strength of a team, and how the team has come together during this pandemic has Elizabeth convinced that dream teams exist.

“Revoluters never settle, and it’s this grit that gets us through any crisis. What we’re trying to achieve - which is to reinvent how the world does money - is extremely ambitious, so having teammates who share the same mentality and work ethic is what helps with the endurance component of this professional sport.”

When asked about another defining characteristic that she has observed in Revoluters, Elizabeth has this to say: “People here own up to and learn from their failures as they pick themselves up to try again. This gives me the confidence to be audacious and try new things, knowing that I can always iterate from there.”

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