How culture fit is enabling Thiên-Anh Tran to do her best work yet

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 12/09/2020  · 12/09/2020

Revoluters never settle when it comes to work, and the same can be said about how they approach their career choices. Thiên-Anh Tran, our Senior Operations Manager in Revolut Japan, is one such example, having joined us after reaching a professional ceiling in her previous outfit. She joined Revolut Japan’s pioneering team and focused on setting up the business; since then, she’s been scaling the business. Here, Thiên-Anh tells us about how her culture fit with Revolut is enabling her to do her best work yet.

When one door closes, another opens

Whenever Thiên-Anh raised novel ideas at her previous workplace, she would be met with resistance from colleagues who preferred the safety of tried-and-tested methods. It was only after she joined Revolut that she found herself in the companionship of like-minded folks who celebrated her zealousness and creativity. “People here are on a mission to challenge the incumbent banks, and that determination to succeed reflects in their willingness to put never-tried-before ideas to the test. Couple that with grittiness, and you get an environment that inspires confidence to raise ideas without the fear of setbacks.”

When individual traits align with team values, a formidable synergy presents itself. Since being able to bring her whole self to work, Thiên-Anh has been able to focus on soaking up the startup experience and putting her hands into different areas of work.

Her first big assignment, which was the effortful task of getting Revolut Japan’s minimal viable product ready for the friends-and-family testing phase, took her to Revolut’s headquarters in London, where she held discussions with stakeholders, built business cases, and acquired the necessary support for the team to proceed. In other words, it was a classic situation that needed Thiên-Anh’s proactive approach and innovative ideas, and sense of ownership to boot.

Keeping the culture bar high

The ownership that Revoluters take extends even to their own careers, and Thiên-Anh’s journey as a Revoluter has certainly embodied that. Because of how she has actively shaped her operations management role from day one, her portfolio has grown to include refining the customer experience, working on new features, building data models, negotiating with partner banks, crafting pricing strategies and integrating all processes with local frameworks. Most recently, she has taken on the mantle of assessing aspiring Revoluters for, most appropriately, culture fit.

“Strong culture fit makes all the difference, and especially so for a small team like ours. The way we work reflects the ambitious mission that Revoluters across the globe share, and that’s a combination of team camaraderie with mostly autonomous work. So besides the prerequisite desire to reinvent how Japan does money, people who have a make-things-happen and never-settle approach towards work will find their career experience with Revolut Japan most fulfilling.”

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