Revolut Express Delivery

Rob Braileanu

 · 09/21/2016  · 09/21/2016

Download Revolut from the iOS or Google Play App store to use our new express delivery feature; receive a RevolutCard anywhere in the world within 3 business days!


Have you ever lost your bank card abroad? I can tell you, it’s a nightmare. My purse was stolen in India on a bus to a tiny town in the state of Maharashtra. I called my bank (at vast expense) to cancel my debit card.

‘Don’t worry!’ they told me, ‘we’ll post your new card to your house and it will arrive in four business days’. But I’m in India for another four months, can’t you post it here? ‘Err….no’. 😡

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access your cash if your RevolutCard is lost or stolen abroad. Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Order an express RevolutCard 🌎 💳

If you lose your RevolutCard whilst you’re travelling, we’ll get a new card to you in up to three business days. AND you don’t even need to contact us!

You can order an Express RevolutCard directly from the App: go to ‘Card’, tap ‘Block’, ‘Replace Card’ and select ‘Express Delivery’. Add the address of your location and your new card will be in your hands within three business days!

Express delivery times:

UK: Up to two (£10) or nine (£6) business days.
Europe: Up to two (€20) or nine (€7) business days.
The United States or Canada: Up to two business days (€30).
Elsewhere: Up to three business days (€30).

Send money to a friend using Revolut

If you’re travelling with a friend who also has a Revolut account, you can transfer them the money on your Revolut account in three taps. Go to the Send page in the App, choose your friend, enter an amount and the money will hit their account instantly!

Use a virtual RevolutCard to pay

If you lose your RevolutCard, you can still use a virtual card in the App to pay. Go to ‘Card’ in the App and block your physical card, then replace it with a new virtual card instantly. You can use the new card details to pay online or in store if the merchant allows you to manually enter your card information.

Tip: Always enter the full name registered with your Revolut account for E-commerce (online shopping) transactions.

Carry some emergency cash

Make sure you have at least SOME cash on you when you travel. Perhaps the nearby ATM is broken or you lose your purse/wallet, it’s always a good idea to have a backup.

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