Revolut for Business Retail Referral Program

Revolut for Business has grown to 200K+ customers over the last 2 years, with many finding us through recommendations from our Personal users.

To show our appreciation, selected Personal customers can now get £50 when you open a Revolut for Business account - and if you refer a business, they will get £50 too.

How it Works ‌‌🚀

Simply sign-up with your unique sign-up link (in the email you were sent), or share it with the business you wish to refer. Once you or your referred business have successfully completed sign-up via the link, and topped-up, ordered a Revolut for Business card and made a card payment, you'll receive your £50 reward directly into your Revolut for Business account.

Currently the program offers rewards for Business Referrals joining on Company Plans. Referrals joining on Freelancer Plans are not rewarded.

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

Terms and Conditions

‌1. The Revolut for Business Retail Referral Program provides rewards for new businesses (collectively "Referred Businesses", and individually, a "Referred Business" ) which are signing up to Revolut for Business for the first time.

2. The Referred Businesses will be eligible to receive a reward of £50 upon satisfaction of all of the following conditions:

(a) signing up to Revolut for Business on a Company Plan via a valid personal sign-up link from a relevant Referring Personal Customer;
(b) successfully completing Revolut's onboarding process; and
(c) topping up their Revolut for Business account; and
(d)   ordering a physical Revolut for Business card and making a card payment on or before 31st January 2020.

3. The reward will be credited directly into the Referred Business'  Revolut for Business account within 14 days of the Referred Business satisfying the conditions set out in clause 2.

4. Revolut has the right to suspend a Referring Personal Customer, Business or Freelancer from the Business Referral Program, and withhold any sums due under the Business Referral Program, if in the reasonable opinion of Revolut any such Referring Personal Customer, Business or Freelancer is abusing the Business Referral Program, generating fraudulent referrals or otherwise.

5. Rewards will be paid to a maximum of 5 (five) Referred Businesses per Referring Personal Customer.