Revolut is the all-in-one Valentine’s kit you never expected 💝

George Blew

 · 02/03/2022  · 02/03/2022

Valentine’s Day isn’t what it used to be. Sure, there are still hopeless romantics standing out in the rain somewhere blasting Whitney Houston. But more people than ever are turning Valentine’s into whatever they want it to be – a night out with friends, a solo shopping spree, a much-needed holiday – and we’re here for it. So, whatever you’re doing this year, we’ve got your back. Probably not what you expected from your financial super app, but we’ve got deals, discounts and holiday destinations that will get your heart racing. Take a look:

Treat that heart-throb in the mirror 🎁

Valentine’s Day is about more than just treating other people – it also makes card companies loads of money! Just kidding (sort of). What it’s really about is love. And, first and foremost, you should love yourself. Whether that’s relaxing in front of the TV, eating your greens, or a boat-load of self-gifted goodies from your favourite brands. We can’t help with the first two, but we’ve sorted exclusive discounts and cashback in your app’s Rewards section so you can go big on your TLC without breaking the bank.

The ultimate surprise 🏖️

Looking to splash some cash this year – or just make a splash with a killer gift – we’ve got just the thing: thousands of epic holiday destinations and exclusive rates to match. Just browse Stays until you find your perfect pad we’ll give you up to 10% cashback on your booking when you pay with your Revolut card. T&Cs apply.

All the classics, all with cashback 🌹

Even if classic romance isn’t your thing, some occasions call for maximum mushy-ness. And nothing says over-the-top romance like flowers, chocolate, cards and jewellery – and you can get cashback on all of them with Revolut Rewards. Good thing, too – Valentine’s roses can be reeeally expensive without a serious discount. Head to your Rewards section to see what’s on offer.

Save big on a delicious dinner 🍽

From fancy fine dining to cheap and cheerful guilty pleasures, you can chow down and cash in with up to 30% cashback at selected restaurants. Perfect for classic romance or catching up with pals – and all it takes is a tap. Just head to Rewards in-app to see which restaurants are included - smooth dinner chat not provided. T&Cs apply

Personalise a gift card from a brand they love 🎨

Struggling to find that perfect Valentine’s gift? Maybe your partner is one of those people that are impossible to buy for, or maybe you need a gift for a friend in a pinch – either way a personalised gift card has you covered. We’ve got gift cards from loads of top brands, so you’ll be sure to find one that they’ll love. Don’t forget to add a custom message, gif, or animated cover to create a gift that’s just for them.

Happy Valentine’s! ❤️

So, be it Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s, or self-love-entine’s, we’ve got you back this year. And no matter what you do, from all of us at Revolut, have a very happy Valentine’s! Love ya!

Heads up: gift cards are only available in the UK and Ireland. Restaurant Rewards are only available in London and Ireland (for now).