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Revolut ❤️ Accountants - let's work together

Are you an accountant? Are you a company formation advisor? Would you like to partner with one of the world's most popular and fastest-growing Fintech startups? Becoming a Revolut partner gives you access to lots of great benefits for both you and your clients.

Our real-time API and seamless integrations with Xero and FreeAgent make manual chores a thing of the past. No more sifting through transactions and exporting data manually.

We can't wait to start working with you. Get started with the link below or keep reading to find out more!

Become a partner 🤝

Why partner with us? 🤔

Every partnership is unique, which is why we'd love to speak with you first, so that we can build the best possible package for you.

We know that what's most important to you is being able to add value for your clients. We're the same, which is why we'd make such great partners. Here are just a few ways Revolut can help your business:

Sign-up anywhere, in minutes 📲

Business owners can get started with Revolut for Business in minutes, not weeks. Here's just how easy it is to open a free business account.  

Special Rates 💸

Lowering costs is important for every business. That's why we offer our partner clients awesome discounts, tailored to each business, to make sure they get a great deal.

FX 💱

Revolut for Business accounts allow customers to exchange foreign currency without the rubbish exchange rates. This multi-currency account enables customers to hold 29 different currencies. Think of the savings your clients could make.

Dedicated support ☎️

Your clients will have access to a dedicated member of our customer success team, who will guide them through on-boarding and provide ongoing support - essential for any growing business.

Employee cards 💳

Managing employee spending can be a chore. That's why we offer physical and virtual cards to our customers. Admins can monitor and manage employee expenses, all from one beautifully-designed interface.

Mobile App 📱

Card holders can use our new Revolut for Business mobile App to manage cards and track spend, in real time. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Permissions ✅

Account holders are able to designate different levels of permissions to multiple users, depending on their role. Accountant Partners are also able to deepen their relationship with their clients by having pre-approved access to their accounts. You can also automate and schedule payments, with payment approval.

Integrations and Open API 👩‍💻

For many businesses, integrating their business operations directly with their account has been a distant dream. With Revolut for Business, integrate directly with Xero, Free Agent or Slack in a couple of clicks, or use our Open API to connect with your other business software.

Perks 🎁

Revolut for Business has unique and exclusive deals with industry leaders like Google, Apple and Amazon, helping customers make the most of our partner relationships.

Become a partner 🤝