Revolut Perks & Notes Coffee — a success story ☕

Revolut Contributor

 · 03/11/2020  · 03/11/2020

How personalised cashback offers resulted in a 625% uplift in sales.

Are you a coffee lover, just like us? We coffee lovers take our coffee seriously. In a good way, we hope. That’s why Revolut decided to partner up with Notes Coffee, one of the trendiest coffee chains in London, to offer our Revolut users a tasty experience and give them a little something back for using their Revolut card.

About Notes ☕

Notes is not your average coffee shop. As well as serving speciality coffee, they also offer craft beers, wines, and a selection of seasonally-inspired foods. With stores across London, there’s something for everyone, whether it’s a Monday morning pick-me-up or a post-work cocktail.

The objectives 🎯

  • Offer tiered rewards for Revolut customers
  • Generously reward new Notes customers
  • Win back lapsed Notes customers
  • Target offers for Notes venues near users

With this offer, we wanted to give our customers a little something back. Revolut users will be rewarded with relevant offers as they continue to spend with Revolut.

The solution - cashback 💡

Our customers have good taste and are money-savvy. That’s why we decided to offer them 50% cashback on any purchase at their local Notes. All users instantly received a 50% cashback reward once they made a purchase, from a morning coffee to an evening snack.

The results 📈

  • Perks generated an average of +590% uplift in the number of transactions per user vs Non-Perks users.
  • +625% average uplift of incremental sales over a six month campaign period.
  • The active push campaign resulted in a 15% Retention Rate overall by improving visit repetition and winning back lapsed customers.
  • The Share of Wallet (SOW) among Perks uses exceeded the Non-Perks group by 14%.