Revolut teams up with the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 🧸

Sebastian Hamilton

 · 11/23/2021  · 11/23/2021

Children, teens, and young adults have always been central to our mission of empowering financial freedom. After all, it’s not just adults who need financial literacy to help them manage their money. If anything, it’s more important that these skills are learned at a young age.

That’s why we created Revolut Junior, a digital account that helps youngsters aged 7 to 17 learn how to save and spend safely and securely. All under the watchful eye of their parent or guardian, of course. Junior also offers children their own prepaid debit card, preparing them for an increasingly cashless society and offering them a degree of independence. You can read more about it here.

While there’s no doubt we’re proud of Junior, we also recognise that children need support in lots of other ways, too. Which is why we’re deeply honoured to support Ireland’s single biggest fundraising event for children: RTÉ’s Late Late Toy Show Appeal.

Image credit: Andres Poveda

Originally a one-off segment in an episode of Ireland’s longest-running chat show, the RTÉ Toy Show has become a national (and international) event in its own right. In 2020, it was Ireland’s most-watched TV programme. And it was viewed in 138 countries around the world – it was so stellar that even NASA was tweeting about it on the night!

But the Toy Show is more than just family fun, it’s also an opportunity to raise vital funds for children across the island of Ireland. Last year the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal raised €6.5m for the Community Foundation for Ireland, who distribute the money to children's charities all over Ireland.

Image credit: Andres Poveda

If you want to see the difference that money has made, just click here. And if you want a sense of what the Toy Show can do for children, click here (just make sure you’ve got a box of tissues handy).

This year we want to help. More than 1.5m people in Ireland – and 15m across the UK and Europe – now have a Revolut account. So we’ve teamed up with the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal to enable customers to donate instantly from their Revolut app. And as with all our charity appeals, we guarantee that every cent donated will go to the charity – with no fees or charges.

Image credit: Andres Poveda

By making it easy and instant for our customers to donate, we hope to maximise the money raised this year, and support the incredible work being done to help youngsters who need it. We all know that children are the future: sometimes they just need a little help getting there.

Ready to donate? Here’s how:

❤️ Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app
❤️ Head to My hub > Donations
❤️ Find the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal
❤️ Choose how much you want to give and tap ‘Donate’
❤️ Spread the word on social media for maximum impact!