RevRoundUp Q1 2018

Rob Braileanu

 · 03/29/2018  · 03/29/2018

It’s been a very busy start of the year for us here at Revolut. As Q1 of 2018 comes to an end, we thought we'd recap on some of the things that kept us busy over the last 3 months.

Pay-per-Day Travel Insurance ⛷

A few weeks into January we introduced our award-winning travel insurance, starting at just £1 per day, available to all our 1.6M users across Europe.

Designed for your global lifestyle, Pay-per-Day Travel Insurance uses geolocation technology to automatically switch on cover only when you’re abroad. The feature gives you the option to add friends and family on the go, as well as add additional winter sports coverage at the tap of a button.

Typically, Revolut users enjoy long weekends away, with an average trip duration of about 4 days. The top travel destinations for our users in Q1 were France, Italy and Spain, followed closely by the US, Thailand and Japan. 🌎

24H Customer Support ☎️

Towards the end of January, we were extremely proud to announce 24-hour support for all our users, no matter the timezone or location!

Our talented support team grew from 22 agents at the start of 2017, to over 100 agents today, with more new starters joining every week. In 2018 alone, we have hired 37 new support agents!

Collectively, our customer support team now handles over 250 cases every hour of every day - that’s nearly 200,000 a month. Hats off to you guys! 🎩

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Price Alerts 🚨

In response to popular demand from our community, Price Alerts were launched in early February to help you get the most bang for your buck!

Whether you're planning to buy travel money at the best rates ahead of your next holiday, or waiting for your favourite cryptocurrency to dip, setting up a price alert gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll receive a friendly notification when the price is right.

In total, over 100K price alerts have been set in the app so far, while over 3K new alerts are being created every day.


RevAcademy 🎓

In between all the amazing new products and features we released we also found the time to share essential knowledge from the RevAcademy.

In the first 3 months of the year, we talked about PSD2 and what it means for you. We also explored the inner workings of international money transfers and online payments to uncover how your money moves around the world, as well as showing you what goes on into making a credit score.

A few weeks ago we also showed you how to protect yourself from unreasonable dynamic currency conversion fees at ATMs and POS devices abroad. To make sure most of our readers knew how to spot dynamic currency conversion, we ran a quick test at the end of the article and the results were astonishing - over 15K people passed with flying colours!

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Rev Me 📲💸

One of the most useful features in the Revolut app is the ability to split bills. But what happens when one of your friends doesn’t use the app?

Rev Me allows you to instantly request money via a secure payment link generated in the app, which you can share with your contacts, allowing them to pay you back using their own bank card, all completely fee-free!

In just over a month, Revolut users have sent and received more than £300K using RevMe, while the currencies of choice were GBP followed closely by EUR.


Disposable Virtual Cards 💳💥

Thousands of people become victims of online card fraud every month. To solve this, Revolut introduced disposable virtual cards as a safe and convenient option for online shopping.

Disposable virtual cards have the ability to regenerate new card details every time a transaction is made. This makes these cards nearly impossible to hack, because even if a fraudster manages to get hold of your details, these will have expired as soon as you've made a purchase.

Since we launched this feature, the top merchants where our users chose to spend using a disposable virtual card are Groupon, Amazon, AliExpress and JustEat, with an average transaction value of around £50.


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