We’re putting the FUN back into requesting funds

Kirsty Daniel

 · 11/23/2022  · 11/23/2022

We didn’t think we could make sending and receiving money easier, but here we are. We spoke to you and found out what our customers really wanted from our financial super app. So, we’ve had a mini makeover!

There are a few updates to our app that make it faster, easier, fun, and less ~awkward~ to send and request money. Keep reading to find out how we’ve saved you valuable seconds...

Chat feature currently available in the UK, EEA, US, SG and AU

Send with two taps - literally

It’s easier than ever to discover features that can make sending money easy and quick.  

You’ll be able to see recent contacts, check our historical payments to specific people, and manage group expenses all in-app, all just a tap away.

So easy, a technophobe can do it - you can even add a gif (since the kids love those). Congratulations, you’ve saved enough time to put the kettle on

Bring every awkward chat to Revolut

No need for any more awkward money requests. In our recent UK and European survey of 8,000 people, found that 67.5% find it difficult to discuss money. So, our new Chat feature in-app aims to make talking about cash less awkward by keeping all things finance in one place!

To start chatting, go to the ‘Transfer’ section in-app. The Chat window will open right after tapping on one of your contacts – no need to open multiple windows, apps or tabs!

Use Chat to settle up, split bills, and you’ll never have to text your old flatmate, or ex, again

Send and request money in any combo

There’s lots of ways to pay and get paid. Choose your fighter:
💰 Flash your own personal QR code, because who has time to text out details
💰 Share your revtag, or search for your friends unique username - account numbers? We don’t know her
💰 Send a shareable URL link, so you can privately and securely collect your cash
💰 Your friend hasn’t coughed up yet? Don’t give them time to think of an excuse – turn on ‘Near Me’ and BAM. Requested

Whether you’re online or offline, in-person or abroad, you can choose how to get paid, your way!